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How much is the model of the golf cart battery?

How much is the model of the golf cart battery?The golf cart battery is mainly 6V, 8V, and 12V battery series as a driving force. Different models of battery prices are different. The size parameters also have errors. This stadium is also called: electric golf cart, tour bus, patrol car, master Car, electric off-road vehicle, etc., with battery-based traction, this type of plate battery, tube, long design life, good climbing, golf cart battery with tube positive plate, including alloy plate gate, non-metal casing The active substance is characterized by a non-metal sleeve, and the lower port is provided with a bore of a plastic cap and a blind hole, and the cross section of the conductive rib in the grid is rectangular, alloy The grid is made of metal cold press. Golf cart, also known as electric golf cart, is an environmentally friendly passenger vehicle designed and developed for golf course. You can also use at your resort, villa, garden hotel, tourist scenic spot, etc. From the golf course, villas, hotels, schools to private users, will be short-distance vehicles. Golf sports is a lot of people from being fascinated, on the golf course, everyone, every action, every grass, every air molecule is very pleasing. Every movement is perfect on this sports field, including driving a golf cart. Due to the difference between the season and the stadium, the ball will implement a different kind of ball driving rules, and there are two most common: 1. The ball is only on the lane. This rule is suitable for the wet stadium in the ground, where the purpose is to avoid being destroyed due to the tipping of the ball tire. 2,90 degrees rules. The rule requires the ball to travel in the lane, reaching the position of the falling ball, can turn 90 degrees at right angles, and drive the ball directly to the ball. After the player hits the ball, then turn the ball according to the original road back to the back. The implementation of 90 degree rules can make the players drive to the ball, and can slide the ball. The lead-acid battery is an important source of power supply in the golf course. Most of the electric vehicle battery in the golf course is because the charging curve cannot be supported. It is necessary to pay attention to it. 1 . Therefore, the battery should be used to avoid depth discharge, and it is possible to do the shallow and discharge. Generally, the battery can be charged at one time in the battery depth of 50% -70%. 2, after the battery is discharged to the stop voltage, continuing discharge (over-discharge) will severely damage the battery because it is easy to form an irreversible sulfate, and then the charge recovery capacity is deteriorated, and even unable to repair. Therefore, the battery should be avoided when the battery is used, and "undervoltage protection" is an effective measure. "Undervoltage protection" measures are controlled by electric vehicle manipulators, but due to electric vehicle instruments and indicators such as consuming electrical appliances are not controlled, the electric vehicle lock is electrically used, although the current is small, but If it is discharged for a long time, the battery will present an over-discharge. Therefore, it is not necessary to turn off when it is unlocked. 3, the charging current should be less than or equal to the charging current that the battery can withstand, otherwise the excess current of overcharge will cause the electrolytic water to consume too fast, and the severe precoferia is phenomenon. It's hard, so the charging is avoided as much as possible. The charger produced by the formal manufacturer ensures that the battery is not charged. 4, lead-acid batteries are particularly afraid of loss of electricity, loss of electricity battery 3-7 days, will be possible to last damage, and thus, after the battery is used, please charge it. For batteries that do not use for a long time, the battery should be charged once every 15 days to compensate for the self-discharge power loss during the battery storage. 5, the battery is running in high temperature time, and there is a premiere of overcharge. Thus, the battery temperature should be reduced as much as possible, ensuring good heat dissipation, avoid charging after cool sun, and should be away from the heat source. In the case of low temperature, the premiere of charging is poor, and the charging is insufficient to form a battery loss. In terms of low temperature, insulation and anti-freeze measures should be adopted, in particular, in a warm environment, it is conducive to ensuring sufficient electricity, avoiding the occurrence of non-reverse sulfate, and extending the battery life of the battery. The following is a common model of some golf cart batteries: Water Electric Golf Storage Battery Table model The output voltage Capacity (minutes) 5 hours Safe number 20 hours Safe number Battery size (mm) Length ¡Á width ¡Á height 25A 75A T-105 6V 447 115 171 225 264 ¡Á 181 ¡Á 276 T-145 6V 530 145 209 260 264 ¡Á 181 ¡Á 295 J250P 6V 540 135 216 250 295 ¡Á 178 ¡Á 292 J305P 6V 675 175 268 305 295 ¡Á 178 ¡Á 365 L16P 6V 805 200 299 360 295 ¡Á 178 ¡Á 424 T-875 8V 295 * 143 150 264 ¡Á 181 ¡Á 276 J185P 12V 375 95 156 195 381 ¡Á 178 ¡Á 371 30xHS 12V 225 57 97 130 355 ¡Á 171 ¡Á 238 27TMH 12V 200 51 90 115 324 ¡Á 171 ¡Á 248 Maintenance power battery Model specifications (TTPE) Maximum shape dimension (mm) ¡À 5mm Voltage (V) C3 capacity (AH) long width high Total height 4-D-140 (water) 260 180 250 286 8 170 (C20) 3-D-180 (water) 260 180 250 286 6 225 (C20) 3-EVF-150 260 180 247 252 6 150 3-EVF-190 243 188 275 275 6 190 3-EVF-200 260 180 270 275 6 200 3-EVF-200Q 500 105 225 225 6 200 3-EVF-200S 330 180 222 222 6 200 3-EVF-230 330 180 222 222 6 230 4-EVF-150T 330 180 222 222 8 150 4-EVF-150Y 262 182 280 280 8 150 4-EVF-165 330 180 222 222 8 165 4-EVF-170 262 182 280 280 8 170 4-EVF-200F 330 190 250 250 8 200 6-EVF-48 196 165 175 175 12 48 6-EVF-60 260 169 215 215 12 60 6-EVF-65P 550 150 100 100 12 60 6-EVF-80 260 168 215 215 12 74 &0;6-EVF-90&1;&2;&3;306&4;&5;&6;169&7;&8;&9;215 215 12 84 6-EVF-100 330 171 214 216 12 92 6-EVF-120H 407 171 240 240 12 112 6-EVF-135 341 172 281 283 12 125 6-EVF-150 480 170 236 236 12 140 6-EVF-180 532 207 215 218 12 166 6-EVF-200 522 239 223 223 Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery