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GFL valve control sealed lithium battery domestic and foreign research status

GFL valve control sealed lithium battery domestic and foreign research statusThe colloidal electrolyte used in the initial GFL valve controlled lithium battery is made of water glass, and then directly applied to the duct valve control sealing lithium battery. Thus, although the "fixed" electrolyte or reduces acid mist precipitation, the capacity of the GFL valve sealing the lithium battery is about 20% lower than that of the original use of free electrolyte, so that it is not accepted by people. .

my country has also carried out the development of GFL valve-controlled sealing lithium batteries in the 1950s. During the development of the GFL battery, the cathode absorption valve controlled lithium battery was born with a glass fiber diaphragm. It not only eliminates the acid mist of the ordinary valve sealing lithium battery, but also shows small internal resistance, high current discharge The advantages of good characteristics, the rapid promotion and application of the original use of ordinary lithium batteries.

In the 1980s, the German Sunshine GFL valve controlled lithium battery products entered the Chinese market. The use effects over many years have shown that its performance is indeed different from previous GFL valve-controlled lithium batteries. This enables GFL valve-controlled lithium batteries into a new stage of development.
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