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Generator 6V4AH lead-acid battery technology information

Generator 6V4AH lead-acid battery technology informationThe United States has buzzing the "Dagger Action" in the United States kicked off the prelude of 2020 Mei conflict
On the same day, the international oil prices have skyrocketed more than 4%, and the gold with the risk of risky attributes is high, and the US stocks fell, and the panic index (VIX) is soaring nearly 30%. Iran announced that the Iranian nuclear agreement has been upgraded again after nearly two days of fermentation, US conflict again!
According to the Associated Press * New news, Iran National TV Station reported that Iran will no longer comply with any provisions of the 2015 nuclear agreement. The US "New York Times" said that the Iranian government issued the above information in a statement. "Today, Russia" (RT) quoted the Iranian government's statement that Iran's nuclear project "no longer restricted by any operation", from now on, concentration capacity, concentration level, and concentrated quantity parameters will only be "technical needs only" "Decide. But Tehran emphasizes that it will continue to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
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If Washington lifts sanctions and guarantees Tehran's interests, (Iran) may re-fulfill the obligations specified by the Iranian Agreement. US conflict is intensified, the Middle East is upgraded, exacerbating the turmoil in the global market, and many industries are inevitably hit. If the US conflict continues to heat up in the short term, the World Economy will enter the late cycle due to the rise of oil prices, and the global economic resuscitation may be interrupted. And if the geopolitan is long-term, it will have an important impact on the US dollar and gold prices. On the one hand, the US dollar index is pulled down from the risk of risk, and raises the gold price center; on the other hand, the inflation path is raised by the US and global inflation rate, lower the United States and the global effective interest rate, and further pull the price of gold.

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The situation is upgraded or will accelerate the battery globalization. In this context, the Guojin Machinery Military Team said that if the central earth promotes the rise in oil prices, it will accelerate the development of electric vehicles. Even if the oil prices have fluctuated, 2020 is still "Global Electric New Year", and the European Automotive Giants increase the industrialization of electric vehicles. China's lithium-e-equipment leads the world, with global competitiveness, competitive patterns are relatively good. It is predicted that the global power battery enterprises planned from 2020-2021 to be around 193/213GWH, assuming that the capacity utilization is 60% -80%, and the investment of each GWH equipment is 2-220 million yuan, and the lithium battery equipment is expected to 2020. / 21 new market space is close to 30 billion yuan.
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