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Generator 2V350AH lithium battery type introduction

Generator 2V350AH lithium battery type introductionHui Can Technology: Solid State Battery Industrialization Acceleration

In 2019, China's Taiwan Solid State Battery Enterprise Hui Energy Technology's "Friends Circle" continued to expand and accelerated its solid state battery industrialization.

FLETT has realized the mass production of solid-state batteries in 2013, which has released three products from FLCB, PLCB, and BLCB, which mainly applies to the field of consumer electronics (FLCB is used in this area). In the past two years, Hui can accelerate the key layout in the new energy vehicle area (currently its PLCB and BLCB solid state batteries are first generation oxide solid state batteries).

Currently, Hui Can Technology is used in the electric vehicle sector for the MAB Solid State Battery Pack and Module Technology. MAB refers to Multi-Axis Bipolar +, which is a multi-axial bipolar technology developed independently based on its solid state battery.

It is understood that Hui Can Technology is parallel to internal skewers, and the battery can form a large composite battery core. It saves the exterior line, metal handle, or metal bars, etc., which reduce the resistance and reduce the generation of heat generation.

On March 21, Hui Can Technology and Nandu Power Signing Agreement. In the early stage of cooperation, the solid-state lithium battery for energy storage applications will provide production license (high-pass mode): high-pass mode): the solid-state battery cell of the authorized energy density of about 240Wh / kg Production technology and South Power supply, and provide the core equipment and materials required to produce, and assisted construction plans and guidance, so that South has become a exclusive partner in the energy storage market.

In April, Hui Can Technology and Sky Car signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both parties reached a consensus on the authorization programs of solid battery production technology.

On August 22nd, Hui Can Technology and the Akai Automobile signed a strategic cooperation agreement, and both sides creating a sample of a sample of the Solid MAB Solid State Battery to reach a consensus.

On September 20, Hui Energy Technology and Ai Chi Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement in Shanghai. At present, the two sides will focus on the joint development and optimization of the glory MAB solid state battery pack and module technology, and advanced smart batteries for MAB battery packs. Full life cycle management system.

The reasons why the active substance falls off:
1, the charging current is too large, the time is too long, the temperature is too high, producing a large amount of hydrogen, oxygen gas, excessive impact active substance.
2, often over-discharge, generate a large amount of sulfate, excessively expanded, and the binding force is lowered.
3, the electrolytic liquid density is low, the cold season electrolyte is frozen, the active substance is broken, and the binding force is lost.
4, the electrolytic liquid density is large, the corrosive is large, the active material mechanical strength is reduced, and the internal short circuit is equal.
5, often overcharge, excessive oxidation, loose active substance, rolling, and loss of active substance.
6, often charged at high temperatures, the positive electrode active substance forms a mud softening, easy to fall off.
7, long-term large current charging, discharge, polar plate generating curvature, poor active material adhesion, easy to fall off.
8. The battery is excessively vibrating on the vehicle equipment, causing falling off.
9, impurities enter the battery, alkaline substance can cause negative poor metal lead expansion and fall off.
10. Due to the problem of manufacturing quality, the grid is inaccurate with the active substance, and a large amount of active material block is lifted.

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