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Generator 2V200AH sealing maintenance battery charging method

Generator 2V200AH sealing maintenance battery charging methodLithium iron phosphate battery advantages: Compared to currently commonly commonly commonly commonly commonly used for lithium manganate batteries, the lithium iron phosphate battery has the following five advantages: higher safety, longer service life, excluding rare Heavy metals, strong contaminated heavy metals, support fast charging, wide working temperature range.

1. Overhang life, long life lead-acid battery cycle life is around 300 times, * high also 500 times, domestic phosphate power battery, circulating life reaches 2,000 times, standard charging (S hour rate) Can reach 2000 times. The same quality lead-acid battery is a new half year, the old half a year, maintenance maintenance for half a year, * more than 1 to 15 years, and the lithium iron phosphate battery is used under the same conditions, will be achieved, one 8 years. Comprehensive consideration, performance price ratio will be lead acid batteries: times.

2, use safety, lithium iron phosphate completely solve the problem of safety hazards of lithium diamondic acid and lithium manganate, lithium diamandic acid and lithium manganese acid in the strong purchase of gold high gauxing trend to cook Bao Sheng Huixin constitute a threat , Lithium iron phosphate with strict safety test

3, can be highly charged and discharged by large current AC. Under the special charger, 15C charging can be filled in 0 minutes, and the boot current is up to C, while the lead-acid battery is now in this performance.

4, high temperature resistance, lithium iron phosphate electric heating peak can reach 350 ¡ã C to 500 ¡ã C and lithium manganganate and lithium diamant acid is only about 200 ¡ã C.

5, large capacity.

6, no memory effect. Seven, green environmental protection.
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