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Generator 2V200AH lithium battery pack design example

Generator 2V200AH lithium battery pack design exampleBattery pack

Like the battery pack in the independent photovoltaic system, the same role is used, and the energy storage is no wind, and there is no sunlight.


In a scenery complementary power generation system, the controller mainly includes a wind power control system, a photovoltaic control system, and a battery charge and discharge controller. They are mainly based on the charging status of the battery to control the operational mode and opening of the wind turbine, solar cell power generation, thereby ensuring the normal power supply of the load and the safe operation of the various parts of the system.


The inverter is not marked in the system block diagram, which outputs the direct current obtained by the wind turbine output transform, and the solar battery array output and battery discharge converted into an alternating current required to load. The main circuit of the inverter is composed of high-power transistors, using a string pulse width modulation, strong anti-interference ability, and the three-phase load imbalance can reach 0-100%, and there is a strong overload and current limiting protection.

Blocking diode

The role is also to prevent the battery from discharge through the solar cell when there is no sun.

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