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Generator 12V80AHSLA seal battery capacity detection method

Generator 12V80AHSLA seal battery capacity detection methodWhich of the "domesticated" tide will benefit? If we deeply dig the supply chain companies behind the Tesla Super Factory will find that compared with the Apple industrial chain, Huawei industry chain, the car is far more than the smartphone in the length and depth of the industry, and the supplier of sustained benefits is expected. The list is longer.

The main parameters of Wuxi Huizhong battery have capacity, rated capacity, voltage, open circuit voltage, charging voltage, termination voltage, power, life, discharge time, charging time specifically, its supply chain is related to power assembly system, electric drive system Ten parts such as charging, chassis, body, other components, central control systems, interiors, and outwear, involving more than one hundred of direct and indirect suppliers.
Subsequently, Huaxia travel will also lay out of the city group and Lijiang and other cities. "Covering, good service guarantee, good service guarantee, solid vehicle quality brings a better travel experience." The relevant person in charge of the Huaxia travel said that the pure electric car leader Beiqi Xin Energy, as a national pure electric power for four consecutive years The car sales champion, behind the back, there is a strong R & D and marketplace ability, there are currently more than 10 models of vehicles, and models cover from the A00-level to B, which can meet various user vehicle needs. In terms of ending, in addition to mature battery technology and quality assurance, * Newly listed EU400 battery life is more than 400 kilometers, can fully solve the problem of inter-city traffic and daily use vehicle life.
▼ Tesra Supply Chain

Image Source: Intuitive Machinery, Guotai Junan Securities Research Among them, most of Tesla's core technical suppliers come from Japan, the United States and Europe, most domestic enterprises have entered the supply chain system as secondary raw materials suppliers.
Nanjing Xiahua battery capacity hourly rate: 1HR, 2HR, 3HR, 5HR, 8HR, 10HR, 20HR, 100HR
▼ Example: Tesra Lithium Battery Group Supplier Overview Source: Intuitive Machinery, Guotai Junan Securities Research, such as the current Lithium battery pack of Tesla * core, lithium battery pack manufacturer is Panasonic, positive material and diaphragm supply Business is a supplier of Japanese Sumitomism, and the supply of negative electrode materials is Japan Hitachi Chemical, and the electrolyte is produced by Japanese Mitsubishi. In the battery pack, only the battery connector is provided by China's long-term precision, while the cover and protective shell are provided by Xu Sheng Shares.

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