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Generator 12V65AHAGM battery specifications and models

Generator 12V65AHAGM battery specifications and modelsImprove the reliability of battery pack power supply

(1) Using long-range industries, endurance, high-quality brand batteries that are more harsh environments.

(2) Online monitoring of the voltage (block / discharge / floating charge), current (charging / discharge), electrical conductivity (internal resistance), temperature, etc. of the single battery, and the preset threshold is an immediate alarm to individual batteries Timely handle.

3. EPS system integrated parameter monitoring and alarm

(1) Through the small bus to the two-way market electric mutual devices, the EPS host static operation parameters, battery single-section battery operating parameters, output distribution cabinet, the status alarm information is unified, and can be monitored locally.

(2) Upload the distributed fieldbus EPS to the center monitoring system through the network bus.

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