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Generator 12V33AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

Generator 12V33AH polymer lithium battery performance parameters

1. Common failures for chargers are:
1. The output of the device outputs overvoltage and overcurrent. When the device outputs an overvoltage and an overcurrent, the device can automatically protect and emit a sound and light alarm signal. At this time, the voltage, the current adjustment knob should be rotated to zero, press two alarm, protect the return button, re-adjust the voltage, and the current adjustment knob, so that the voltage or current reaches the actual use value.
2. AC input fault. When the input communication fails, the device can automatically protect and emit an audible alarm signal.
At this time, the power switch of the device can be opened, the alarm sound of the device is released, and after inputting the AC fault is removed, the power switch is re-started according to the normal operation program.
3. The fuse is blown. When the primary protection fuse (or secondary protected fuse) of the device rectifier transformer T is automatically protected, an acoustic alarm signal is transmitted. At this time, the AC input power switch should be opened to find the cause of the fuse blower. After troubleshooting, the same melt is replaced with the original fuse capacity, and the device is restarted according to the normal operation program.
4, the device does not reach the rated nominal voltage. When the device does not reach the nominal rated voltage, the phase sequence of the first step inspection device three-phase AC input is in line with the device requirements; the second step checks whether the secondary voltage of the rectifier transformer satisfies the requirements (ie u = 1.35uz.) For the DC output voltage, U2 is the rectifier output voltage, 1.35 is three-phase rectification coefficient); the third step is to check whether the 6-way pulse waveform is normal; the fourth step is to check that there is no damage to the intercoded main circuit.

The Huizhong lithium battery has a high-spirited characteristics of the discharge platform, high safety, long life, and excellent low temperature performance.
Vision AESC: ENOS? Operating System Employment Power Battery Intelligence

On April 1, the Vision Group officially announced the completion of the acquisition integration of the battery business of AESC and its global bases, and established a power battery provider AESC.

Currently, the Vision Group has introduced the world's leading intelligent work system ENOS?, And will extend it in smart buildings, smart cities, power battery services.

On October 22, the Vision Technology Group held a technological innovation day in Beijing, and the vision AESC explained how to use the intelligent network to break through the performance and application boundaries, using the network to create more intelligent scenes, and let electric vehicles participate in debris Renewable energy system.

Vision AESC introduces that by carrying a chip with a perceived function in the power battery system, it can improve the BMS scenario identification capabilities, and realize the active security under network intelligence.

At the same time, the BMS system with powerful edge computing power is able to detect various sensor signals embedded in the module in real time, such as acceleration, deformation, and early detection of battery abnormalities, and active warnings for potential security hazards for batteries.

Battery-based data management system based on ENOS?, BMS will also actively communicate with public data (such as weather, transportation, power facilities, etc.), driving behavior data, charge and discharge data, SOC / SOH, etc., etc. Network synergy and continuously optimize the control strategy. To enhance battery health and life, the protection of electric vehicle property and car owners is realized.

Based on the ENOS? operating system, let the electric vehicle in the new machine era have moved personal energy storage equipment to absorb more clean energy. Through the interaction of household reservoirs, participate in family energy management, let electric vehicles become home spare power.

In the manufacturing process, based on the intelligent synergies of the machine network, battery production efficiency can be improved, and the product production is reduced.

With the ENOS? powerful machine network system, all-round monitoring and analysis of battery state can be achieved, ensuring data integrity of each battery, accurately recognizing battery life, * Greatly simplifies battery detection screening process, with * excellent product completion Battery recycled use of raw materials at the end of the full life cycle.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery