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Functional characteristics of the battery storage battery

Functional characteristics of the battery storage batteryColloidal status: Sealing efficiency is greater than 99.9%

Self-discharge minus: long-term support for two years (20 ¡ã C), 4 times the storage battery, can be used immediately without supplementation.

Low loss rate: the water loss rate is only 1/2 of the adsorption battery, and effectively relieves the early dryness of the electrolyte.

Ultra-long service life: NPP colloidal battery design has more than 12 years, saving cost expenses.

Excellent deep discharge cycle performance: especially practical for circulating, 100% deep discharge cycle and life expendles more than 500 times, greatly higher than the adsorption battery effectively improve system reliability.

After over-discharge, the recovery performance is excellent: over-discharge to 0V, can still be recovered, and after 21 days of discharge, the battery recovery capacity is 100%.

Applicable environment: can be used in temperature range of -40 ¡ã C -60 ¡ã C, and performance is much larger than adsorbed batteri  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery