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Four methods teach you to choose a battery forklift

Four methods teach you to choose a battery forklift1. Pay attention to the working workload: Shenzhen battery forklift different workloads Select the relative matching battery, and the user must explain that the user can use the matching battery according to the user's work.
2. Pay attention to the work environment: electric rectile high car, hand-push-to-electric truck to the ground requirements, must be used hardally, the floor flatness cannot be different, if the ground is grease, paint floor, choose the battery forklift must be purchased Anti-skid pile.
3. Pay attention to the height of the goods: Shenzhen battery forklift is generally referred to as 1.6 m in accordance with the height of the cargo cargo, and it is generally referred to in 1.6 meters, each up 200mm, and the load weight is 50kg, which is calculated.

4. Note the channel size: The size of the channel is related to the transition radius of the battery forklift, and it must be explained when purchasing a Shenzhen battery forklift.

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