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EPS emergency supply 2V1500AH deep circulation battery usage

EPS emergency supply 2V1500AH deep circulation battery usageMaintenance zero (Assyst)

Assyst, the active maintenance prompt system tells us when the next maintenance is going.

The following information will be displayed in the multi-function display when the ignition switch is turned on or the vehicle is required for approximately one month.

Service a in ---- Days (---------------------------------------------

Service a in ---- km (- Class A repair after Class Class)

Service a due now! (Now Class A maintenance

The information of Service a or Service B tells the type of repair.

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Missed repair time

If you miss the repair time, the following information will be displayed on the multi-function display:

Service a Exceeded by ---- Days! (Class A maintenance has become ---- 天)

Service B Exceeded by ---- km! (Class B Maintenance has become mileage ---- km)

At the same time, there is a sound signal ringing.

Maintenance is returned to zero.

Maintenance zero

Confirm that the ignition switch is turned on.

A standard display appears on the multi-function display. Repeat the overflator button of the multi-function steering wheel until the maintenance symbol and repair time.

Press and hold the reset button on the left side of the dashboard for about four seconds. You can see the following information in the display:

Do you want to reset service interval? (Do you want to reset the repair cycle?)

Confirm with reset button (please press the reset button to confirm)

To confirm, press and hold the reset button until the signal sound of B is heard. Repair service period shows the new value.

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