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EPS emergency supply 12V45AOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation method

EPS emergency supply 12V45AOPZS tubular battery capacity calculation methodZhejiang University Lu Yingjing Researcher sci.adv .: Electrochemical CO2 Refractor C2 + Product Catalyst and Electrolytic Slide Design Strategy

Aiming at currently growing greenhouse effects in the world, using renewable power catalytic CO2 reduction (ECR) is mild due to operating conditions, and can be selectively produce high value-added chemicals, which is considered a very nice long-term solution. During this process, the electrochemical electrolytic cell can be converted to chemicals and fuel by renewable electric power driving, and the resulting fuel can be stored for a long time, and can also be distributed or consumed, and CO2 is released as a main waste. A complete closed loop can be constructed by sending it back to the reactor again. Nanjing Xiahua Company produced Huizhou card OPZS tube-type battery main model: OPZS-200, OPZS-250, OPZS-400, OPZS-500, OPZS-600, OPZS-800, OPZS -1000, OPZS-1200, OPZS-1500, OPZS-2000, OPZS-3000
Moreover, the small molecule chemical raw materials obtained from the ECR process [eg, carbon monoxide (CO) and formate] can be used as a more complex chemical synthetic raw material. However, CO2 is a very stable linear molecule with a strong C═O key (750 kJ mol-1), so it is very difficult to electrochemically. In addition, ECR in the water-based electrolyte relates to multi-electronic / proton transfer process and many different reactions intermediates and products, making the process very complicated.

Co2 electrocatalytic conversion into chemical fuels and raw materials are a potential technique to achieve Carbon-Neutral energy cycle, but the Faraday efficiency (Fe) of C2 + products remains far from the actual application requirements. The current catalyst catalytic produces an FE of the C2 product to about 60%, while the FE of the C3 product is less than 10%. It is especially important to choose a suitable catalyst and the electrolytic cell to select a suitable catalyst and electrolysis. In this paper, the Zhejiang University Lu Yingying Researcher Jointly, the issuance of the Professor of Wang Yutian, USA, etc., the new progress of the effective CC coupling through ECR, focusing on the design strategy of electrocatalyst and electrocatalytic electrode / reactor and Its corresponding mechanism. In addition, the author also discusses the current bottlenecks and future opportunities generated by C2 + products. The author hopes to introduce * new C? C coupling strategy to achieve further development and inspiration in basic understanding and technology applications.

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