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EPS emergency power supply 2V800ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price

EPS emergency power supply 2V800ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and priceThe polymer lithium battery is a battery using a polymer as an electrode and an electrolyte material, and has many different types of polymer batteries depending on the material of the electrolytic electrolyte material.

The lithium polymer battery has higher energy density, small and thin, lightweight, high safety and low cost, and the lithium polymer cells are in its configuration, or more than one or more using polymeric materials as the main battery system.

In terms of shape, the lithium polymer battery has a number of advantages such as thinner, arbitrary area, and arbitrarily: First, the negative electrode material carbon, not only a wide source, but also allows the battery to obtain a high speed discharge effect; Lithium ions are embedded in carbon, thereby solving the problem of unhappy safety of lithium ion batteries; the third is good overall performance and fast charging speed.

The polymer battery uses a colloidal electrolyte with a smooth discharge characteristics and a higher discharge platform. And high-power endurance, even if high power charge and discharge, high frequency use can quickly complete the charging process, completely non-memory effect, battery charge and discharge efficiency is strong in 99.8% charge, moon load The rate is greater than 95%. Have * excellent internal consistency, ensuring consistency of each "charge" process to ensure the overall life of the battery *.

Polymer lithium batteries are in structurally aluminum-plastic soft packaging, and once there is a safety hazard, the polymer cell will only be blotting.

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