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EPS emergency power supply 2V250AH lead-acid battery technical information

EPS emergency power supply 2V250AH lead-acid battery technical informationCauses of soft bag polymer lithium battery package corrosion leakage

a) Sealed glue aging causes cracks at the seal;

b) Lithium battery serious overcharge, different types of lithium battery pack mixed, battery gas composite efficiency;

c) Splash of the acid liquid in the acid, resulting in a fake leakage.

d) Usually the output current is too large, the continuous discharge time is too long, and the temperature of the soft bag polymer lithium battery is increased. There is also a battery small current time of use, or it may also leak.

e) No acid in the dry battery, the general battery is zinc chloride, ammonium chloride liquid. Alkaline batteries are liquid potassium hydroxide liquids.

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