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EPS emergency power supply 12V50AHAGM battery specifications and models

EPS emergency power supply 12V50AHAGM battery specifications and modelsRecently, two Korean * large battery manufacturers LG Chemistry and SK Innovation were officially acconpected in the United States. It is reported that this mourning may affect the progress of electric vehicles in some mainstream car companies in the world. In this regard, Korean experts also commented that who lost this battle, who would suffer a fatal blow, unless the two sides reached a reconciliation. According to the court documents seen by Reuters, both sides are trying to prevent multiple car companies from selling batteries in the direction. Volkswagen plans to produce electric vehicles produced in Tennessee, General Bolt, Fordka, Jaguar I-Pace, Audi E-TRON and Qia NIRO, etc. will be affected. The contradictions between the two sides are more intense, and the battery orders from the Mass Group are one of the important temperatures.

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In November 2018, SKI defeated its battery industry "Seniors" LG chemistry, and won a large number of orders worth hundreds of US dollars, providing electric car batteries in the United States. This result shocked the entire industry. Subsequently, in March 2019, SKI invests $ 1.7 billion in Jackson County, Georgia, Jackson County, Georgia, announced that it is built into the ground, and the factory will become the power vehicle center in the United States. The order was robbed and the SKI big Zhangqi's drum construction plant is undoubtedly a serious threat and provocation for LG chemistry, which makes it greatly annoyed. Plus the previous SKI from LG chemical experts from LG chemical experts. Two companies are naturally complaining for a long time. To this end, LG chemistry filed a lawsuit to the US International Trade Commission (ITC) and Delaware Court, accused SKI to steal LG chemical commercial confidentiality by hiring their pre-employee, and won the contract with the public with fraud .

SKI resolutely denies these allegations, and in turn to accuse the LG chemical violation of its electric car battery patents. At present, the situation seems to be powerful for LG chemistry, and the company also said that * the final decision will be made on October 5, 2020, but it hopes that ITC will quickly make a default judgment on SKI this month. In this regard, ITC has no response, but it seems that I have already standed by LG chemistry. A memorandum recently obtained by Reuters also shows that ITC investigators suggest to make a good ruling on LG chemistry, and it will be "the 'proves hindered by the respondent (SKI)' proves hinders' * appropriate sanctions ". "Prove obstruction" refers to destruction or changes to evidence that may be used in legal procedures. And SKI denies the allegations of evidence fraud in a statement. The battle between the two sides, the lawsuit hit South Korea from the United States, and the Korean members had to call on the government to intervene. Because it may impair the reputation of the two companies and make other competitors from the middle. However, the research institution believes that the "fish dead nets" of both sides will not fight, because the public may have to promote two companies. Because disputes may not only disrupt their battery supply, they will reduce the competition between suppliers. "No one wants them to fight to *".

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