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EPS emergency power supply 12V18AH lithium battery type introduction

EPS emergency power supply 12V18AH lithium battery type introductionHuizhong high energy battery introduction
1 Magnesium dry high energy cells with magnesium as negative electrode active substances: The structure is substantially the same as zinc-manganese dry batteries. The standard electrode potential of magnesium is relatively low, and the electrochemical equivalent is small, and there is excellent conditions for high energy battery negative active substances. For example, the actual amount of magnesium-manganese dry battery is 4 times the zinc-manganese dry battery, and the voltage is stable in operation, and there is a good working ability at low temperatures, and can be stored with high temperature. The disadvantage is that there is a voltage lag (after the connection is required, the voltage can rise to the termination voltage value), the lag time is about 2 ~ 3 seconds; the magnesium electrode current is low; not suitable for small current long time Intermittent discharge.

2 Metal-Air High Energy Battery: Oxygen in the air as a positive electrode active material, metal as a negative electrode active material.

3 lithium-nonaqueous electrolyte solution High energy cells: lithium electrochemical equivalents is about one-half of magnesium, so as the negative electrode of high energy cells, lithium is more preferable than magnesium. However, lithium is intensely reacted with water, and the electrolyte solution is required to be formulated with an organic solvent or a non-water inorganic solvent to add inorganic salts. The positive electrode material used is mainly solid fluoride, chloride, oxide, sulfide. These batteries are mostly more energy to 1000 watts / kg. Its actual is relatively high. For example, lithium-fluorinated copper (Li / Cuf2) battery When the discharge current density is 2 mA / cm 2, the actual amount of energy can reach 250 watts / kg. Since the specific electrolyte solution is small, the current density cannot be improved, so the lithium-nonaqueous electrolyte solution is a high-proportioned energy, low-power battery. Lithium-sulfide batteries are discharged under heavy load, especially when the external is short-circuited.
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