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Enterprise unit battery forklift operation needs to pay attention

Enterprise unit battery forklift operation needs to pay attentionFirst, preparing before work
The vehicle should be checked, the battery is sufficient, the various switches, connections, operating handles, pedals, tire pressure and fasteners are in normal state. If the operating mechanism is not checked, it should be stopped immediately and report the failure to managers.

Second, the start of the car
Loosen the brake handle to turn on the electric pin switch. The first direction switch handle is in advance (or reversing) file, and then step on the accelerator pedal, the vehicle starts. If the program has an error, the forklift will not be able to start.
Note: If the battery is just fully charged, the frame must be allowed to rise 3-5 times before the forklift is started, so as not to exceed the high voltage to damage the electric control card.

Third, driving and loading and unloading
Look at the seat) turn, the car turns left, clockwise, the car is turned right, and this direction will not change.
2. When working in narrow venues or poor pavements, pay attention to the position of the spacing to avoid collisions.
3, when the truck is loaded, the weight size of the goods should comply with the load curve of the car, do not overload, and pay attention to the carrier cargo is in the center of the door frame, do not bias.
4. When the truck is driven, the fork is left from about 300mm, the door frame is maximized, so that the cargo is tightened, and the rapid braking and sharp turn in the truck is strictly prohibited.

Fourth, after work
1. Stop the forklift, turn off the electric door switch, and the direction switch "mid-range", the fork decreases.
2, tighten the hand brake, disconnect the total power switch plug.
3. The battery should be charged in time, charging is carried out in accordance with the specification, avoiding over-discharge and overcharge.

1. In the forklift, if the electric control is out of control, the total power plug handle should be turned off to discharize the total power supply.


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