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Energy storage system or residential solar energy next growth product

Energy storage system or residential solar energy next growth productToday, residential solar installers have quietly begin to expand their product range, including energy storage products, which may be an urgent revenue growth part of the industry. Tesla is the most famous energy storage equipment manufacturer, while companies such as Sunrun, Sunpower, Vivint Solar have also entered the energy storage market. Some signs of success have been seen in early 2018.


For solar installers, the benefit of deploying energy storage products is that it can use existing marketing and sales expenses to increase income. This may help to make the solar power more attractive to all state customers.

The next market growth product in the solar industry

Sunrun provides the latest information on the sales storage system for US residential solar vendors, and early data is impressive. At the first quarter of the company, Lynn Jurich, CEO of Sunrun, said in the first quarter of 2018.“We have launched a Brightbox energy storage system in Massachusetts three months, and nearly 10% of our customers who have direct sales of solar products directly adopt a Brightbox energy storage system.”

She added:“In California, our customers have more than 20% of customers to add Brightbox energy storage systems, in some markets in Southern California, this ratio is now higher than 50%.”

Sunrun did not disclose the income or profitability of each Brightbox energy storage system, but according to ENERGYSAGE's data, each energy storage system has at least $ 5,000, sometimes more than $ 10,000 for additional income.

Since SunRun has established a solar power system in the past year, a solar power system has been established, so an additional income can be brought about $ 255 million. The solar industry is less likely to reach 100% accumulation rate, but even 10% to 50% of the market that adopts energy storage products will have a significant impact on enterprise revenue.

Sunrun is not the only energy storage company

Tesla was a solar energy storage industry leader, but its solar business is shrinking, while the energy storage project has been transferred to the utility scale market. If people want to invest in residential reservoir manufacturers, Tesla is not a correct choice.

Sunpower said that commercial solar products, including energy storage products, accounting for about 30%, and is expected to adopt the same strategy in residential energy storage products that will be launched later this year. The company hopes to be a leader in the commercial energy storage area and occupy a place in the field of residential storage, although it is only in the early stage of the product.

After losing the partner of the battery manufacturer of Mercedes Benz, Vivint Solar has lagging behind Sunrun and Sunpower, and Mercedes, Mercedes. The company now provides LG Chem batteries for Sunrun, but most markets have not yet been sold, and in the energy storage controller, Mercedes-Benz does not have a similar experience. Vivint has risen in the residential storage market share, but Sunrun and SunPower are now leaders in the industry.

The energy storage system benefits all parties

There are a variety of ways to create value for customers and prove that its long-term value is $ 5,000. The easiest way is to be used as a spare power. If you deploy it in a bad weather or a bad grid, you can send it.

People are increasingly resending the energy storage system by arranging the length of the electricity price and low electricity price. All States have different charging standards, depending on the time period of the day, residential users can use solar power generated during the day in the evening.

The grid service is another area that can create value for a long time. If the local utility company has the ability to store and distribute electricity in the needs, it can reduce the overall cost of running the grid, and the residential users can charge the use of their energy storage systems. At this time, it is called a virtual power plant, which is ultimately the solar operator hopes to use its size to provide the largest value from the energy storage to the grid and customers.

The energy storage system is still in the early stage, but each sales can increase $ 5,000 or more, so it is welcomed by Sunrun, Tesla, Vivint Solar, and Sunpower and other energy storage companies, and may become 2018 An important growth point.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery