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Design points about electric traction forklift

Design points about electric traction forkliftRelative to electric forklifts, the electric traction truck function is relatively single. For electric traction forklift design, the implementation of the steering function is first considered, the calculation of traction. Other have little effect on the car body arrangement, and after the vehicle body is substantially, the front parameter is determined.
1. Steering function:
On small tonnage electric traction forklifts, due to the low driving force,
Drive wheel (drive wheel steering). When the load does not need to be large, mechanical steering, such as TG30. But once the tonnage exceeds a certain extent, the load of the steering wheel will relatively large. If the mechanical steering will be an operator, the operator is used to reduce the operating strength of the operator. TG40 and TG60 are all hydraulic steering.
2. Calculation of traction:
Once the electric traction truck tonnage is determined once M, the traction force required for the luggage vehicle can be determined according to the rolling friction coefficient (generally take 0.025), assuming the tractor weight m, drive the wheel load M1 (assuming M1 / ​​m = 2/3). Isolate the adhesive coefficient f according to the drive wheel texture, that is:
F * m1 = 0.025 (m + m)
That is, the weight M of the tractor can be substantially calculated.

The motor power is estimated according to the driving speed of the project, and the driving bridge is selected. Motor speed, bridge, and tire selection is a process of mating, must be coordinated. After the motor power is selected, the battery can be selected according to the time of use.

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