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Description of the life of lead-acid battery

Description of the life of lead-acid batteryEven if the UPS power is used by the same lead-acid battery technology, the battery life of different manufacturers is very different, this is important for users because the replacement of the battery is high (approximately 30% of the price of UPS). Battery failure will reduce the reliability of the system, which is very annoying.

Battery temperature affects battery reliability
Temperature has a great influence on the natural aging process of lead-acid batteries. Detailed experimental data indicates that the temperature is 5 degrees per rise, the battery life has dropped 10%, so the UPS design should allow the battery to remain as much as possible. All online and backup / online hybrid UPS is larger than the backup or online interactive UPS runtime (so the former is to install the fan), this is also an important one for the relatively long replacement or online interactive UPS battery replacement cycle. reason.
Battery charger design affects battery reliability
The lead-acid battery charger UPS is very important, and the charging conditions of the battery have a great impact on battery life. If the battery has been in a constant voltage or "floating" type electrical charge, the UPS battery life can be maximized. In fact, the life of the battery is much longer than the life of the simple storage state. Because battery charging can delay battery natural aging processes, UPS should keep the battery to be charged regardless of operation or downtime.
Battery voltage affects battery reliability

The lead-acid battery is a single "primary battery" composition. Each original battery voltage is approximately 2 volts. The primary battery is connected in series to form a voltage having a high voltage, a 12 volt battery consisting of 6 original batteries, 24 volts Composed of 12 original batteries, etc. When the UPS battery is charged, each series of primary batteries are charged. The performance of the original battery will result in some of the original battery charging voltages than other original batteries, this part of the battery will aging in advance. As long as the primary battery of the primary battery is declining, the performance of the entire battery will also drop. Test proves that the battery life and the number of primary batteries in series are related, the higher the lead-acid battery voltage, the faster aging. When the UPS battery UPS capacity is fixed, the battery voltage should be minimized when designing, so that the UPS battery life is longer, and for the battery voltage, it should be selected for the number of cells connected in series with a small voltage raw battery. Do not select the original number of multi-voltage low. Battery in series. Some manufacturers UPS battery voltage is relatively high, because the capacity is constant, the higher the voltage, the smaller the current, the semiconductor with less wire and power, thereby reducing the cost of UPS power supply. Lead-acid battery voltage of the UPS of the capacity of about 1kva is generally 24 ~ 96V.

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