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Density about the energy of the battery

Density about the energy of the batteryIf you don't talk about the spending market, non-rechargeable batteries (non-military) the largest users are military-special emergency services and forest fire warriors. With high energy density, long storage and operations have been favored by many people. The product is not saved before the use of the product is not used. And can provide a battery power source in an unmanned and powerless remote location. At the same time, it is easy because the most important cells contain a little toxic substance.

The battery has the highest energy density. Although the rechargeable (rechargeable) battery is improved, a normal home alkaline provides more than 50% of the power of the rechargeable battery than lithium ions and the highest energy density. The primary lithium battery used in the camera maintains more than three times the same size of the lithium ion battery.

Charging batteries and non-charging battery energy comparison.
At the main battery negative is its relatively high internal resistance, thereby suppressing the flow of the current. The TV remote control or kitchen of the low current device is, for example, when the high internal resistance is small. This issue appears to appear with digital cameras and other power consuming devices. In alkaline, it will be unimaginable. The voltage means crash.
The comparison of the energy density is done in an unfair way. Most rechargeable batteries are set at 1c discharge, alkaline in only 25 mA to 0.8 volts. We now take the same battery and load. The yellow stick in Figure 2 represents the available energy, if the battery is in such a device using a digital camera.

2: Can be compared to load. Alkaline is very suitable for clocks of the kitchen but no digital cameras.
Rated capacity of alkaline batteries

Medium load, energy density of alkaline batteries is very high. Figure 3 illustrates the rated capacity of the AAA, AA, C, and D cells and 9V packages. Please note that these batteries are provided if these batteries are provided by high resistance load typical portable entertainment equipment

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