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Cyclic utilization of the forklift battery recovery

Cyclic utilization of the forklift battery recoveryThe forklift battery raw materials are mainly lead, lead is the heaviemented element in metals. In the increasingly deteriorated global environment, various metal elements are constantly developing, leading to many natural disasters, recycling is an eyebrow, and the national priority policy The battery is a harmful metal substance. In fact, many times people misunderstand this smelting recycling concept, the battery is not refurbished, the refurbished cost is higher, several times higher than the cost of producing a new set of forklift batteries, I believe there is no company like this. To do, the recycling rate of lead in the old battery is related to the technical level of the recycling company, and is not the new battery! Whether the battery is old or not, the total content of the lead contained is the same, but the chemical state is different. In the new battery, the lead and the lead and the lead in the battery needle are more, only sulfate in the old battery, but the total quality of lead is remained unchanged, no matter how the battery is used, it can be lost only moisture, and some sulfuric acid, The content of metal lead remains unchanged. Therefore, you will find that the weight of the old battery is different from the new battery! Therefore, regardless of the new battery, the recovery rate does not change. The recycling rate is 100% can't be done. It is impossible. I have seen some of the battery plants is the use of "regenerative materials" of the old battery to produce new batteries. How much is the lead recovery rate I didn't ask Over, it is estimated that there is 60%! There are also enterprises that have not been smelting technology. The refined lead impurities is relatively large. If the forklift battery manufacturer uses this raw material as production, then the internal resistance of the manufactured battery is very large, battery life, self-discharge is also very high, for later More use time period is shorter.

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