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China will become the largest country in the future.

China will become the largest country in the future.Recently, Zhongguancun Energy Industry Technology League (CNESA) released the latest research results show that the commercial operation has become clear, and commercial operations have been unlucky in the eighth year of the national policy environment, or domestic and foreign energy storage project growth. The energy storage market releases a positive signal. The industry is generally believed that in 2018 or will become the starting point of the outbreak of the energy storage commercialization.


from“Thirteenth five”National strategic emerging industrial development planning, renewable energy development“Thirteenth five”Planning, energy development“Thirteenth five”Plan, to energy technology innovation“Thirteenth five”Planning, the state will accumulate energy as one of the focus research and development. In October 2017, "Guidance Opinions on Promoting the Development of Energy Storage Technology and Industry" officially released, as the first guiding policy in my country's energy storage industry, clarifies the goals and tasks of China's energy storage industry in the next decade, and The development of renewable energy based on wind power and photovoltaic power is one of the key points of my country's energy development.

Storage capacity“source”“Unfold”Dual properties, in the field of power fields in the field of renewable energy grid, auxiliary services, power transmission, distributed power generation and microgrid. In different countries, the mainstream application of energy storage is not the same. In domestic practice, the main profit model of new storage capacity is borrowed from Western national experience to explore a variety of commercial application models, and progress is slow.


According to the incomplete statistics of the Zhongguancun Energy Industry Technology Union, as of the end of 2017, China has shipped the energy storage project to accumulate 28.9GW, an increase of 19% year-on-year. The accumulated installed installed installed in electrochemical energy storage is 389.8MW, an increase of 45% year-on-year, accounting for 1.3% of the total installed scale, an increase of 0.2 percentage points from the previous year. The electrochemical energy storage project planned only in the first quarter of 2018 is close to 120MW.


In the context of policy support, with the stable expected basic formation, photovoltaic enterprises, distributed energy companies, power equipment enterprises, power battery companies, electric vehicles, etc., start to increase their intensity layout, open up energy The market will further explore the business model with profitability. At present, the energy storage industry is almost all over the country.


The energy storage can enhance the flexibility and adaptability of electricity system. With the development of energy Internet, large-scale centralized renewable energy, distributed power generation and microgrid power generation, frequency modulation assistance services, etc., the demand for energy storage is huge. At the same time, with the application of electric vehicles and the large-scale retirement of the power battery, the rise of the retired battery energy storage market will accelerate. At present, the new battery cost is relatively high. This is an important reason for restricting large-scale promotion applications of energy storage; and the ladder use can reduce the cost of energy storage, but also environmentally friendly and have a good economic and social value.


In addition, with the in-depth advancement of the new round of electricity system reform, the electric auxiliary service market, the power spot market gradually played, the scope of electricity market transactions expanded, and the value of energy storage projects expressed, its profitability increased, will further increase the society The enthusiasm of capital investment has formed a good cycle. Professor Huidong, China Electric Power Science, boldly pre-judge in the Report of Electricity Savings Development Trend: China will become the largest country in the future energy storage demand. The driving force of the growth will come from the demand for balance renewable energy power generation; one hand will come from the growth of electricity load.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery LiFePO4 Battery 48V 150AH LiFePO4 Battery 48V 100AH