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China University of Science and Technology develops new organic solar cells

China University of Science and Technology develops new organic solar cellsThe reporter learned from China University of Science and Technology, and Professor Jiang Jun, led by Professor Luo Yi, the National Research Center of the School, and Professor Jiang Jun, using the first principle and proposes the first adaptive switch organic molecular solar cell design, which has low Advantages of cost, efficient, adaptive. Relevant results were previously published in the internationally renowned "Physical Chemistry Express".

The photoelectric conversion efficiency of organic molecules solar cells is not high for a long time, and there is still a big gap compared to inorganic semiconductor solar cells.

In this single molecule organic solar cell developed, the optical switch molecular azobenzene is inserted into a typical donor.—In the receptor system, it constitutes a given body—light switch—Receptor system. The first principle calculation shows that this research system inhibits the charge composite process in the organic solar cell through a clever design, achieving high-efficiency charge separation and automatic switching of molecular conductivity. And, other optical switches molecules and gases—The receptor system can also be used in this composite system.

This design uses organic small molecules as materials, solves the problem that the charge composite and conductivity cannot be switched in an organic solar cell is the organic solar battery design of the world's first adaptive switch.

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