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Check and maintenance before the new car new car

Check and maintenance before the new car new carCheck and maintenance before the new car is enabled
In order to follow the relevant industry regulations and to ensure the absolute safety of the car in transport, the new factory car may have no electrolytic solution inside the front battery before the first enabled battery (except for the mainland sales).
The car has a good battery electrolyte with the car at the factory. The battery electrolyte was inserted into the battery before the first use. First, put the car in a well ventilated place, open the battery case cover, and open all the plastic covers the top of the battery. Lifting a plastic bottle with a battery electrolyte with a plastic funnel, slowly incubating the electrolyte into the battery until the liquid level can be seen. After the entire battery is filled, the battery is charged in time to press the battery in time.
Daily inspection
Check the hydraulic oil level:
The fork is lowered to the lowest position, and the amount is added to 12L. Hydraulic oil is selected with the recommended grade.
Check battery power;
See the use and maintenance of the battery.

Cleaning the car
Check and tighten each fastener

Check wheel damage

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