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Causes and treatment methods of vulcanization of forklift battery

Causes and treatment methods of vulcanization of forklift batteryThe lead-acid battery is one of the main components in the electric forklift, and the length of the forklift is continuously working time. In daily work due to factors such as venues, charging time, lead-acid batteries will often cause vulcanization of lead-acid batteries, thereby further shortening battery working hours and shortening battery life. Frequent replacement batteries will also bring great economic losses to users. In this paper, it will prevent battery vulcanization, how to prevent battery vulcanization, how to deal with a vulcanized battery, etc., thereby achieving the goal of extending the service life of the battery.

Why is the forklift lead-acid battery vulcanized?

Let's first understand the working principle and reaction process of the lead-acid battery, from the above chemical reaction equation, we can see that the lead-acid battery is reacted with sulfuric acid during discharge, and the lead of sulfate and Water, generates electric energy during the reaction. In the process of charging, the lead will be reduced to lead during charging. However, if the cause of charging, the lead in sulfate cannot be completely reduced to lead, which will accumulate more and more crystalline sulfate on the battery negative plate, commonly known as "vulcanization".

The main causes of vulcanization may have the following:

1. The front battery is not done well, and the long-term idle battery is not charged;
2, the density of the battery electrolyte is too high to dissolve the dissolution of sulfate; (more people who are incomplete in the charging process)
3. The battery is over-discharge, and the battery cannot be avoided in use;
4. There is no timely charging after the battery is discharged or the charge is incomplete;
3, the purity of lead raw materials is not high, causing the battery self-discharge or even over-discharge;
4, the hydrating is not timely, the electrolyte does not cover the battery panel, resulting in depth oxidation in the air;
The above various conditions are extremely likely to cause vulcanization of lead-acid batteries, partially sulfuric acid lead in a vulcanized battery, and these crystals are frozen during charging, and ordinary charging current cannot open these crystals. So that the electrical energy charged into the battery cannot be effectively converted into chemical energy stored. This makes the capacity of the battery to decline. The use time of the electric forklift will be further shortened.

What is the phenomenon of vulcanization forklift battery?

The initial expression of lead-acid batterification is a battery capacity attenuation. The battery is decreased after the battery is fully charged, and the user feels less and less suitable. The charging time is shortened during the charging process, and the battery is full of electricity. When charging is fast, the water consumption is very fast, and the battery is severe during charging. In the later stage, there will be a significant drum and other phenomena on the panel around the battery positive column.

If you do not solve the problem of vulcanization in time, will there be a bad consequence?

If the problem is not solved in time, the capacity of the battery will continue to attenuate; the user feels that the battery is not enough, and the number of times the battery is randomly charged; the number of unsaturated charging is, the more easily accelerate the vulcanization of the battery, which is formed. A malignant cycle.

Most of the charging machines in the market cannot be identified by the vulcanization portion of the battery. The charger is perfectly charged to the battery is timing or quantitative. According to the conservation of energy conservation, if the energy of the input battery cannot be completely converted into chemical energy, it will be transmitted into other energy forms. Usually manifested as a large amount of electrolyte water, and the battery is severe.

How to avoid the vulcanization phenomenon of lead-acid batteries?

1. Select the appropriate battery capacity for the electric forklift to ensure that the electric forklift can meet the work of the user's requirements, avoiding frequent charging of the battery;
2, try to avoid excessive discharge of the battery, and carry out rapid supplemental charging after the battery is discharged;
3, battery charging time and process must be complete. At present, the advanced high-frequency charger can match the charging curve of the battery, and the user only needs to recommend the charging time of the battery according to the manufacturer.
4, often check the battery electrolyte liquid surface, keep the liquid level above the plate.

Processing method of a forklift battery that has been produced

1, large current impact law

Traditional desulfurization is a high voltage mode in the high voltage mode, and the impact of the battery is large, and the side effects are also large. The usual method is to set the total amount of charge of charging to 300% - 400% of the maintenance battery capacity (that is, the three charge two discharges, or four charge three discharge), energy consumption is very high and strong In the process, the battery is so fast, and it is generally necessary to arrange the battery under the conditions of circulating cooling water, otherwise, there will be a large amount of active substances to fall off. The desulfurization machine generally adopted this approach is a large cabinet, a large volume, cost, and requires three-phase 380V industrial electricity. At the same time, the level of operation is high, and the temperature change of the battery needs to be monitored in real time, and the current and voltage are adjusted in time with temperature changes.

2, small current recovery method

Nowadays, many new chargers can make the charger set a lot of parameters to ensure 100% suitable for batteries and are not limited by battery types, and many security principles can also be used to set up programming. Use high-voltage low current to crystallize special effects, slowly stimulate, and combined with intelligent constant voltage constant current automatic switching, the effect is significant and no side effects;

Conclusion: If vulcanization is chronic diseases that the battery is not smooth, blood and blood is accumulated, then slow disease needs to be cured. The traditional desulfurization method is like a fire boiled porridge. It will not only make the porridge soup, but it is also easy to make the bottom; the small current recovery law of the high-frequency charger is like a small fire slow, just right.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery