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Calculation method for 12V18AHOPZS tubular battery capacity

Calculation method for 12V18AHOPZS tubular battery capacityRelated Study on Lithium Ion Battery Silicon Base Negative Electrode:

Lithium-ion batteries have developed to today, and people have become higher and higher for their energy density. Silicon-based lithium-ion battery negative electrode material can provide a higher energy density for a total battery due to its low oxidative potential and high theoretical specific capacity. However, there is a serious volume expansion effect in the lithiation / deodipization process, which continues to cause fatal injury in the cycle of the whole battery during the cycle of the lithiation / deesed. Typically, a method of constructing a buffer layer such as a polymer buffer layer, a carbon cladding layer, a liquid metal coating layer, or the like is used in silicon nanoparticle surfaces, and the volume expansion is suppressed. However, these buffers either have a porous characteristic that cannot prevent the penetration of the electrolyte, or the interaction between the silicon particles is too weak to withstand the volume expansion.

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In response to the above problems, the Professor A Xinping believes that a dense buffer having a bonding effect in silicon nanoparticles must be constructed in the surface of silicon nanoparticles, so that it can accommodate the volume change of silicon particles during volume expansion, and continuously inhibit electrolysis The liquid is in contact with the active material to avoid the SEI repeated formation, so that the problem of silicon negative electrode can be effectively solved. They were successfully coated on the surface with the bonding of the ester based functional group and the silicon nanoparticle surface Si-OH in polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA). Then, then the Si @ SiOx @ of the dual-core shell structure one step C Material [4]. Thanks to the enclosing effect of the outer dense carbon layer to the electrolyte and the buffer effect of the intermediate SiOx on volume expansion, such composite silicon negative electrode can achieve high capacity of 1972 mAh / g and a stable cycle of up to 500 weeks. During the long-term circulation process, Kulen Efficiency indicates that the active material consumption caused by the expansion of Si @ SiOx @ C composite negative electrode is indeed a large extent.

Figure 3 Schematic diagram of the preparation process of Si / PPP composite negative electrode

Under the guidance of the above-mentioned secondary blending, Professor A Xinping also prepared a flat ordered N-doped conductive polymer coated composite silicon negative Si / PPP (polybenzene) with a simple mechanical chemistry method. [5]. Such a conductive polymer composed entirely of an aromatic ring can be tightly stacked in a planar manner on the surface of the Si particles to form an artificial SEI layer of electron conductance, polymer flexibility and density. This researched capacity of this Si / PPP negative electrode is as high as 2387 mAh / g, and the capacity retention rate of 500 weeks after cycle is as high as 88.5%, and the average cauling efficiency is as high as 99.7% during long cycle.
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