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Battery monitoring and management of UPS power supply systems

Battery monitoring and management of UPS power supply systemsAlthough lithium-ion battery technology is increasingly popular, the valve-controlled lead-acid (VRLA) battery is still widely used in the current UPS power supply system of today's data center. However, you must use an appropriate battery monitoring strategy to maximize its service life and ensure that the battery is detected before the battery is damaged and unfavorable environment or operating conditions.
Valve-controlled lead-acid (VRLA) battery still maintains its dominant position, because it is still considered to be the safest, most reliable and cost-effective technique in most applications.

However, the reliability of the valve-controlled lead-acid (VRLA) battery depends on operating in a suitable environment and works normally during the entire operating life. Therefore, the owner of the UPS power supply system is necessary to build a battery monitoring system or hire third parties (such as UPS vendors) to provide remote battery monitoring services. This will reduce or eliminate the possibility of battery failure when the UPS needs, and also optimizes the battery life.
For example, the product launched by industry vendors can provide a network-based service, which may sequentially check the internal resistance, temperature, and voltage of each battery. It is capable of correcting a balanced problem that a single battery is generated at different charging by adjusting the charging voltage of the battery pack. Appropriate equalization prevents insufficient charging, sulfate, and losses of capacity.
Monitor also provides other benefits. By discovering overcharge, gas leaks, drying, thermal out of control and corrosion can be prevented. The tendency of the resistance test results can provide a damaged or weakened the warning of the battery pack. This can replace the battery pack in time, thereby improving the life of the entire battery system. Anyway, by continuously maintaining all batteries within the ideal voltage range, the voltage implementation balance will extend 30% life, eliminate the negative effects of incorrect charging voltage and current.
The monitoring system typically displays the battery status, and records any changes in resistance, temperature, and voltage. The operator can optimize battery performance and reliability by generating continuous monitoring and regular reporting of user interfaces. The benefits of battery monitoring are as follows:
Extend the battery life by all.
Monitor and regulate the battery charging process to avoid insufficient charging.
Find out the problem before the battery has faults.
Monitor the status of each battery separately, including temperature.

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