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Battery group application solution in harsh environments

Battery group application solution in harsh environmentsIn the early development of telecommunications services, operators have less concerned about the battery, and the battery can be powered when the AC power failure is. In recent years, competition in telecom operations has intensified, intensive, operators' service life, maintenance workload, TCO is very concerned, and the requirements are getting higher and higher.

With the development and technical advancement of the communication network, in order to save construction costs, speed up the construction cycle, in urban and rural integration, small towns and rural areas, operators often do not build a computer room or mobile cranks, but use the outdoor cabinet program resettlement Equipment and DC power systems. In recent years, the proportion of outdoor base stations has been improved year by year in recent years. For low latitude and desertified countries or regions (such as South Asia, Africa, etc.), high temperature on the outdoor base station is very much. Outdoor base stations are generally in remote areas, with poor electricity security, especially in developing countries. Outdoor base stations often face high temperatures, harsh working environments with frequent power outages. Outdoor application of the communication DC power system is gradually mainstream, and the battery is often at high temperatures, and there is a harsh application environment for frequent power outages.

Battery facing problems in harsh applications

With the increase in the application of the outdoor base station, the battery failure under the harsh application environment has gradually highlighted, such as Pakistan, India and other South Asia, which have caused economic losses and harm the operator's customer satisfaction. In response to a large number of damage to the battery under harsh applications, ZTE has conducted extensive research, in-depth understanding of the application scenarios of the battery, investigating the cause of battery failure. The key to the problem is not in the battery itself, and the problem is not considering high temperature protection of the battery in the outdoor battery cabinet. To resolve the problem fundamentally, it is necessary to provide a comprehensive solution to the battery in the outdoor harsh environment.

Comparative analysis of proactive heat dissipation technology of outdoor battery cabinets

There are many options in the heat dissipation of the outdoor cabinet. Which heat dissipation is suitable for the outdoor battery cabinet? It is necessary to start from the product characteristics of the battery. For lead-acid batteries in a communication DC power system, users are most concerned about service life. The main factors affecting the life of lead-acid batteries are environmental temperature and grid conditions.

The life of the lead-acid battery is closely related to the ambient temperature. The higher the ambient temperature, the shorter the service life of the battery. When the ambient temperature is higher than the battery design life requirement temperature (25oC), the temperature is 10Oc, and the service life is halfdown. The equal.

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