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Analysis of the reason for the battery from not entering electricity

Analysis of the reason for the battery from not entering electricityIn life, we suddenly found that the battery could not be filled in, so many users were able to replace the battery or went to repair the battery, so that we have brought a lot of inconvenience. What is the cause of the analysis caused the battery that cannot be charged?
First, check if the charger is damaged, whether the charging parameters meet the requirements. The charger should be replaced.
Second, check whether the polar is inverse sulfate.
Third, check if there is dry phenomenon inside the battery (ie, battery lack of procedure, and severe water).
Fourth, check whether the connection of the charging circuit is reliable, the connection is in good contact with the plug;
Check if the socket of the battery box and the plug has 'fire' bluster, there is no line damage, disconnection
Check the connection within the battery pack, which will also cause the charger to be not charged when the wiring in the battery pack is off.

Tighten the socket and plug-ins, secure the charging circuit connection.

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