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AGV balanced vehicle 12V20AH lithium battery pack design example

AGV balanced vehicle 12V20AH lithium battery pack design exampleIn 2019, there have been many innovative changes in the field of domestic and foreign power battery technology, which helps the energy density of the driving battery and the cost reduction, reflecting the development trend of power battery technology.

Overall, the development of power battery technology is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

The first is the battery size, module structure and PACK design optimization; the second is the optimization of battery material system; third is the safety of power battery safety; fourth is the acceleration of solid state battery industrialization.

Compared with traditional battery packs, the emergence of new battery pack technology has shown that the current power battery market is innovating from previous traditions, from chaos and overcomes to ordered, and promotes transition to market.

At the same time, new battery technology also reflects the technical gap between battery companies, or will accelerate industry shuffling, further enhance market concentration.

In addition, the host plant is also increasingly improving its influence in the development of power battery technology, and the need for the need for the development of the whole vehicle is more increasingly significant, thus giving battery technology positive impact.

However, the emergence of new technologies is also accompanied by certain risks. As the host plant is getting higher and higher in battery performance and cost reduction, battery companies must be more cautious in accelerating new technology and commercialization of the R & D battery, otherwise it may "fire the fire" due to the lack of technical radical lack of verification.

The industry believes that with 2020 subsidies retired, Japan and South Korea battery companies will gradually penetrate into the domestic, the main plant is also developing new battery technology, future power battery technology will present diversified competition, and some technology leading batteries Companies will be more competitive.

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DC bus voltage is too high or too low
(1) Fault phenomenon
The central audio signal "alarm" ringing; DC bus fault "light brands bright; DC bus voltage indicates deviation from the allowable value.
(2) Troubleshooting
1. Check that the voltage relay operation of the voltage monitoring device is correct.
2. Observe the output voltage of the charger device and the DC bus insulation monitoring meter display, or measure the bus voltage with a multimeter, and synthesize whether the DC bus voltage is abnormal.
3. Adjust the charger output to restore the DC bus voltage and floating charge current.
4. If the DC bus voltage is abnormal, the charger device fault is caused, and the charger should be deactivated to switch to the standby charger.
Nanjing Xiahua battery capacity hourly rate: 1HR, 2HR, 3HR, 5HR, 8HR, 10HR, 20HR, 100HR
2, DC system ground
(1) Fault phenomenon
The central audio signal "alarm bell" ring; "DC bus fault" light brakes; DC system insulation monitoring device "insulation reduction" indicator light is on; measure the DC bus positive, negative electrode voltage, extremely imbalance.
(2) Troubleshooting
In order to prevent another ground from being grounded, there is another point of protection, causing the protection to malfunction or refusal, or cause the two poles to be short-circuited, and the batteries must quickly eliminate a ground fault of the DC system. Looking for a way to place,

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