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AGV balanced car 12V9AHAGM battery specifications and models

AGV balanced car 12V9AHAGM battery specifications and models1. The fundamental difference is the raw material, which is the total root of the two different performance. The polymer battery refers to at least one polymer material in the three major components of the positive electrode, the negative electrode or the electrolyte. The high molecule means that the molecular weight is large, and the concept corresponding to it is small molecule, and the polymer has high strength, high toughness and high elasticity. The currently developed polymer battery polymer material is mainly used in positive electrode and electrolyte. 1 Polymer battery positive electrode material may also employ a conductive polymer polymer; 2, the electrolyte of the polymer battery has a polymer electrolyte (solid or colloidal state) and an organic electrolyte, lithium battery using an electrolyte. (Liquid or colloid)

2, in the shaping, the polymer battery can be thin, arbitrarily spaced, and any shape, because its electrolyte can be solid-state rather than liquid, the lithium battery uses an electrolyte, requiring a solid housing The electrolyte is accommodated as a secondary package. Therefore, this also enables the lithium battery to increase a portion of the weight.

3. Safety: The current polymer is mostly a soft bag battery, and an aluminum-plastic film is used as an outer casing. When an organic electrolyte is used inside, even if the liquid is hot, it is not exploded because the aluminum-plastic film polymer battery uses a solid or colloidal state. And no leakage, just natural rupture. But anything is not absolute, if the instantaneous current is large enough, short-circuited, the battery self-ignition or bursting is not impossible, and the occurrence of mobile phones and tablet safety accidents caused by this situation.

4, the electrical core voltage: Since the polymer battery uses a polymer material, a multi-layer combination can be made in the battery cell to reach a high voltage, and the lithium battery cell is suggested that the capacity is 3.6V, and if you want to reach a high voltage in actual use The plurality of batches are required to form an ideal high voltage work platform.
Common imported batteries include: Sanyo battery, Panasonic battery, LG battery, Samsung lithium battery.

If the above characteristics are used to compare the polymer battery and the lithium battery which is better, then conclusion is certain, however, in the market or lithium battery application accounts for the main status, this shows that the lithium battery also has a relatively advantage, we continue to compare.

5. Conductivity: The solid-state electrolyte ion conductivity of the polymer battery is low, and is mainly to add some additives to become a gel electrolyte to improve electrical conductivity. This is only increasing the ion conductance, and the conductivity of the lithium battery remains a stable value without being affected by the quality of the auxiliary material.
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