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AGV balance car 2V300ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price

AGV balance car 2V300ahgel colloidal battery cost accounting and price1. Find the way the grounding point. The grounding point is used to find the grounding point, that is, instantaneously open the switch of a direct-current feeder, and quickly closer (the cut time does not exceed 3s). When the ground signal disappears, and each polar voltage is indicated normally, the grounding point is at the back.
2, find the principle of picking place:
1 For the DC system of the bipma, it should first judge which busbar is grounded;
2 According to the first time to load, it is important to load, and the DC feed line is checked in the chamber in the room, and then check the battery, charging equipment, and DC bus;
3 Use an instantaneous stop method for the secondary DC feeder (such as accident lighting, signaling device, closing power supply), and the important feed line (such as trip power) that does not allow short-term power outages, then transfer it first, then use Instantly stop looking for a grounding point.
3. Looking for the grounding point in the following order:
1), determine the genitality and grounding degree. The positive and negative electrode voltage is measured by the DC insulated monitoring device. When the insulation is good, the positive and negative electrodes are equal or zero; if the positive electrode voltage is raised or equal to the bus voltage, the negative electrode voltage is lowered or equal to zero, the negative electrode insulation is lowered or grounded; contrary to the positive electrode insulation or grounding or grounding .
2) Check if the DC feed line loop of the maintenance equipment or the just-transmitted device is grounded.
3) Check whether DC lighting and power loop are grounded.
4) Check whether the flash device is grounded, and the DC insulation monitoring device is grounded.
5), check control, whether the signal circuit is grounded (the relevant protection is disabled first).
6) Check if the charging device and the battery are grounded.

Huizhong solar street tissue battery has a long life, low temperature performance, easy maintenance, long use time, and so on.
Ningde Times: CTP Technology Global First

At the Frankfurt Show in 2019, Ningde Times launched a new CTP high integrated power battery development platform (Cell to PACK), and the provision of the battery cells directly into the battery pack and forms a significant difference from traditional battery packs.

Ningde Times said that due to the provincial battery pack assembly link, the volume utilization rate of the CTP battery pack is increased by 15% -20%, and the number of battery pack components is reduced by 40%, and the production efficiency is 50%. Largely reduce the manufacturing cost of the power battery.

At the same time, it is benefited from the internal structure of the internal structure, and the energy density of CTP battery packs will increase by 10% -15% compared with the traditional battery pack, which can reach 200Wh / kg.

In September, the world's first CTP battery pack created by Ningde Times and Beiqi New Energy was officially released in China Blue Valley. The world's first CTP battery pack will be mounted on Northern Automobile New Energy EU5 model.

In October, Ningde Times and Volkswagen (VWCo) signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement. Ningde Times will provide VWCo to provide a new phosphate lithium-commercial vehicle standard battery pack using CTP technology, and system energy density is increased to 160Wh / kg.

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