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AGV balance car 12V20AH deep circulation battery usage

AGV balance car 12V20AH deep circulation battery usageDeveloping new energy vehicles is the only way to move towards strong countries.

After ten years of renewal, today my country's automobile industry has entered the period of small international level gap. This round of adjustment is an important node that is important to the power of automobiles, and the key is to make excellent people stand out.

my country is not a precedent. For example, the basic telecommunications industry and smartphone field of Huawei, home appliances, Tencent, Alibaba, etc. in mobile Internet fields. In the process of technology-oriented, these industries have experienced the development process of "follow--change trunks first-large waves - Dalang Tsuepha - * to achieve industrial competition status reversal".

Can China's auto industry copies these stories in the new energy vehicle field?

From the competitive advantage, it is worth looking forward to. There are four competitive advantages that China has formed but not enough to consolidate: energy storage batteries, car network, automatic driving, and sharing travel. The potential competitive advantage also includes the renovation and construction of charging infrastructure, intelligent transportation and smart city infrastructure, and the complete electric motor industry chain.

But there is also uncertainty. There are also three aspects of China's new energy automotive industry worthy of attention:

Further breakthroughs in innovation and technology are still the key. The pure electric movement has five major pain points, limited to life, charging, cost, security and residual value need to be further resolved;

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Subsidy, the capital market is to "pick up". To replace the fuel truck, give full play to the advantages of electricization, intelligent network, assist driving, and require sustained innovation and research and development. If the innovation is stopped because there is insufficient funds, technical iteration will be lost.

The sustainable development of electric vehicles must have across the hurdle, that is, its price / performance is more than the fuel truck. To this end, we need to improve performance, reduce costs, and improve the use environment.

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If you specifically go to the entity, then for new energy vehicles and upstream and downstream companies:

I want to select the target customer base, planning the models and products of the market after planning, improve performance and reduced cost bidirection, and focus on improving product cost performance, enhance competitiveness against fuel cars.

The second is to jointly develop product platforms and modular architecture through horizontal joints. Supporting a variety of models with a limited structural module, achieving high quality, massive, low cost production and after-sales service.

Third, we must create a core competitiveness. Netization, intelligent, and humanity will become the core competitiveness of the product. Using my country's advantages, seizes the highlands of intelligent networks, shaping brand image.

Fourth, we must do a good job in cross-border cooperation, including technology cross-border, industrial cross-border, subject cross-border, all cross-borders, etc., mobilize, and strive for initiative.

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The government level, there is also a lot of work to do, in addition to research and adjusting the corresponding policies, improving infrastructure construction, breaking the area protection and market departure.

In Chen Qingtai, * important point is to give a stable expectation to the market. To determine the confidence in electric evolution, release the road map of electric vehicles accounting for growth, and the region is limited to the fuel car time node.

For the hot air fuel cars in 2019, it is necessary to make a clear signal: the two technical routes of the energy storage battery and the hydrogen fuel cell are complementary relationships.

As long as you have a steady, concentrate energy, and continuously enhance the competitiveness of the storage battery electric car, China will certainly meet the challenges of globalization competition.

At 9:20 on the 17th, the reporter arrived at the scene with Zhou He, the construction waste that was originally covered in more than 300 square meters was basically clear. The masses reflect the two buildings of Fanjia shop in the city of the green park. Some people sell gravel, stone powder, fine stone powder and other building materials, dust, pollution in the loading and unloading process. After verifying the relevant departments of the green garden, it immediately responsible for merchants for rectification. The masses reflect the sewer in the back of the greenhouse in the back side of the seasons of the greenhouse, causing returning water and exudes the odor, and the environment in the community is dirty. Report the masses asked to transform the water pipe network. After verification, the green garden is immediately held an analysis meeting. It is decided to immediately increase the minor density of the sewer in the community, relieve the clogging, and invest in the construction of Yitong River sewage pipe construction, and build a small district sewage pipe network, fundamentally solve the problem.

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