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AGV balance car 12V12AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules

AGV balance car 12V12AH deep circulation battery maintenance rulesSince 2019, there have been frequent accidents, and the problem of endurance, and the residual value is too low. The power battery industry of the new energy car is accelerating the shuffle. Most companies face the cost of cost, price drop, demand, financing, and difficult to pay.

"Our industry, lithium battery, electric cars are facing unprecedented difficulties." Professor Peking University, the Chairman of the Battery "Davos" Academic Committee, Host Luo's current new energy in the 7th China (Changzhou Jintan) battery Industrial International Summit Forum (ABEC 2019) is said. It is worth mentioning that the main responsibility of the forum is under the time of subsidy era, the road to the high-quality development of the new energy battery industry.

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Status: Enter the depth scrap

"The new energy automobile industry is not dare, we have now transformed to do Huawei suppliers." A supplier who made sheet metal industries said to the International Financial News reporter that he originally made Watma power battery. The outer box, but because of Watma's capital chain crisis, more than two thousand goods will not be returned, and the end of last year is almost closed.

Common imported batteries include: Sanyo battery, Panasonic battery, LG battery, Samsung lithium battery.

This phenomenon is not an example. The Secretary-General of the Battery "Davos" Organizing Committee, the Secretary-General of Zhongguancun New Battery Technology Innovation Alliance said in the forum, according to its understanding, currently in my country's power battery, there are more than 80 manufacturers, which can be truly Realize the amount of only 40 installed, and TOP 10 companies occupy more than 80% of the market share. Some domestic power battery companies have started recalling the 3C battery sector or the transfer of listed companies or contraction investments or direct regular returns to the energy storage industry.

It is reported that in 2013, there were only more than 40 power battery companies in my country, and it was basically transformed from 3C lithium batteries. After that, due to the concentrated outbreak of the new energy automobile industry, the policy support, according to statistics, the 2015 and 2016 movement battery enterprise investment layout reached * peak, then more than 200 powered battery companies were more than 200. This means that from 2016, more than 60% of power battery companies are eliminated.

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In fact, some powerful batteries that are transformed from 3C lithium batteries have not reached the manufacturing and safety standards of the "Car Rules". Yang Hong, the general manager of Honeycomb Energy, the monomer capacity of the vehicle battery is about 20 times the traditional battery, and the string is 10 times the traditional battery, and the complex work condition and harsh environment of the vehicle application are combined. The safety factor and consistency require a higher requirements, and the strict level is more than 200 times more of the traditional batteries.

Huasheng Online August 22 (Reporter Chen Yuzhen) Today, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department held a central environmental inspector and feedback to the intensive work of rectification work, in order to develop two major problems of domestic wastewater and garbage pollution, and scheduled Rectify schedules and responsible people. Next, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department will also send a work group of the reform office to conduct guidance and supervision, and ensure that the assessment accountability is in place. The meeting requires that for the "Yueyang City City, there are about 70,000 tons of life sewage straight, the urban banana lake, Dongfeng Lake, etc. has become a black odor". For "53 townships and towns in Dongting Lake, Yueyang City The problem of domestic garbage stack, garbage stack is more, Yueyang City Government should complete the rectification before December this year.

Therefore, although the number of China's power battery companies is more, the industry is generally presented in a state of "small scatter" and extensive production capacity. Therefore, as my country's power battery industry gradually moves toward maturity, the bad consequences of blind expansion began to appear: "Small Scattered" Enterprises began to be shocked, locate high-energy density, high-performance power batteries such as Ningde Times, BYD occupied The status of the market is absolutely dominated.

In this regard, in the Qinggao said that as the "heart" of the new energy vehicle has opened a new round of depth shuffle.

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