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AGV balance car 12V10AHOPZV tubular colloidal battery manufacturerAfter dripping the windmill business, the net approximately "situation has not changed. In the face of such a trillion market, "new players" and new players are incorporated, and the industry development model is changed in the subgnort.

The reporter noted that the domestic shared travel service platform listed company Yong'an Bank has been announced in May this year, and the company has obtained the network of the network, and officially joined the network to the network platform army. "The network is the hot spot of the market. The market is so great that there will be many participants." Director of the Auto Industry Innovation Research Center of the North University of Technology, Ji Xuehong told reporters that the private car may be replaced by the net approach, if There is no driving, it is also likely to apply to this.

As a "new player", Yong'an line is in the net approxishes "Post Drop Era", how will it be successfully broken by his own model? The company secret Dong Ping said in an interview with the "Securities Daily" reporter that according to the relevant standards of the national webmark, the company is based on the resources of Yong'an in the city, the purchase of electric vehicles, recruits and training the driver, and builds the characteristics of Yong'an line. Online operation team, guarantee the continued steady development of Yong'an Based on the above, the company will also graft the success of Yong'an Bank to other webmarks, and cooperate with it to win.

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"New Players" won the two cities in May

On May 9 this year, Yongan's foreign announcement said that the company has taken Changzhou Net Touring License and the document is valid for May 8 to 7, 2019.

On September 16, the reporter came to the vicinity of Changzhou Railway Station. When I opened the Yongan line app, I found that the use interface changed, and the optional transport in the app hovedly a bar column. Under the web, there are two options for the choice of special vehicles and taxis. The reporter chose the car service of Yong'an, and the driver immediately responded, about 3 minutes, the reporter sat on a white BYD electric vehicle.

In the conversation with the driver, the reporter learned that Li Master Li worked in the net approach, sharing a bicycle, working for three or four years, and is currently the employee of Yonglang. "Yong'an Bank Net Total is on the line last Thursday night, all the company's own cars, now there are forty days, there are more than forty vehicles, and the land is going on." Master Li told the reporter.

According to the net approximachuse, in addition to the new players of Yong'an, there are also drops of the company, and the first autoda. At the beginning of Changzhou, the first steam is also used, and the car provided inside is used to run a network of online services. As an old driver who understands the Changzhou webmark service industry, Master Li also said that he has understood the current situation of the current webline platform in Changzhou. The price of each sash is relatively high, but the deposit is relatively small. There are more orders, but the money will be less. "

Talking about the entry conditions of the Yong'an Bank of China, Drivers, Master Li said, "Qualification certificate * Important. With the certificate, you can officially work after training."

The reporter learned that the first standard of Yong'an Bank Net Total Driver must obtain national certified webmarks to reserve qualification certificates, after entering the company, will conduct strict business, service, etc. Training. And regularly based on the assessment of each driver's assessment.

Master of the drip-drip orange car also emphasized the importance of the qualification certificate. He said, "There is a certificate, you can go to the job after the training." Master Master also told reporters that the average daily order amount is in two. More than a dozen. "We have no basic salary, I only run the drip, more than 10,000 a month, there is a driver running together for a month, I have earned 20,000 months."

From last Thursday to September 16, Master Li has only one bit number average daily order. For such a "bad" performance, Li Master is not panic at all. "It is still in the early days of running, and the order is still not coming, and the monthly salary of the guarantee is about 5,000 yuan, waiting for the back order, you can also take some Become. "According to Master Li, there is still a taxi to choose from the net approxishes of Yong'an Bank, but the current taxi business is still not online, and only a special car is temporarily.

In the interview, Dong Ping told reporters that "Yong'an Bank Net Tour" started to trial operation in Changzhou on September 12, 2019, the first batch of 200 vehicles, the conditions are mature, the number of network coverages in Changzhou can reach 500 -1000 The next pilot city is currently being applied to the local operational license. "About the taxi business, Dong Ping has revealed to the reporter in consultation with many taxi companies.

Recently, this matter has new progress. On the evening of September 19, the company has published an announcement that the company's Fuyang Branch received the "Internet reservation Taxi Business License" issued by the Fuyang City Taxi Management Station on September 19, 2019. The next pilot city is basically finalized.

Network logo mode change

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From Changzhou Railway Station to Wujin New World Park, the same 11 kilometers away, the reporter chose the drip-based gift orange when returning.

Earian bank has a 50% discount on each special car. After the trip, the amount of consumption payable is 25.6 yuan. Due to the coupon of the reporter account, the price of the drip orange is 46.55 yuan.

For the net approximation price positioning, Dong Ping said to the reporter that "Yong'an Bank Network is a service, the price of the express train, the model is in line with the national standard new energy sedan."

During the experience process, the reporter found that at present, Yong'an can only call the car by the Yong'an Bank app. According to Dong Ping, Yonganhang integrated sharing travel platform new business has completely integrated bicycles, helps bicycles, sharing cars, webmobile services, and services. At present, the user can call the car under the APP, but due to the current phase of the trial operation, other platforms are not docked. In the future, according to the company's strategy and capacity, it will give priority to the aggregation mode of platforms such as Gaode Maps.

It is understood that the Gaode Map has gradually accepted the dripping travel, Shenzhou special car, first steep car, Cao Cao special car, etc., as of now, it has increased, Ctrip Net treats such as mobile phones and taxi travel platforms. As long as you open a Gaode map, the user can call a number of webmarks.

Subsequently, Baidu, US Mission, Ctrip and Hello have successively launched the "aggregation platform". However, net approximation in these aggregation platforms is still a travel platform in the head. The reporter opened Harbin Travel App found that in the taxi column, there is a taxi, the first steam, and Harbin Shun.

In addition, webmarks also aimed at the aggregation platform. On July 15 this year, the drip announced officially launched the network of open platforms, and has reached an agreement with Guangqi, Dongfeng, FAW and other car companies, "such as" travel "," Dongfeng travel ", FAW operation network Server service providers such as services will also access the dripping network to open the platform, and the recent drip is officially connected to Dongfeng travel in Wuhan.

"The speed of the network is still more faster in these years, and the growth rate is more than 30% each year. At present, the market size is around 200 billion yuan. The industry itself is very lively, except for some car companies to join, there are US Mission, Gao De, etc. enter the market in a polymerization, in the market share, the drip has a big head. "Ji Xuehong told reporters.

For the webmaster market, from a single gradual development trend, Xiangxiang Capital Executive Director Shen Meng said in an interview with "Securities Daily" reporter: "The network of the network has undergone a certain period of time, it is difficult to There is a big burning market, so the big platform should continue to expand, it is necessary to join small platforms. The small platform should continue to develop, so they are in the contest. "In Shen Meng, the current investment bubble gradually decreases. Therefore, the expansion can be achieved in a lower cost mode.

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