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About the harm of waste batteries

About the harm of waste batteriesAs a bicycle big country, my country's use of battery makes electric bikes replaced bicycles and motorcycles in China, making it a daily mainstream transportation. On the one hand, compared with motor vehicles such as motorcycles, automobiles, electric bicycles have the characteristics of low energy, no exhaust emissions, low carbon, green environmental protection, has become China's "green industry", but on the other hand, electric bicycle waste is old Battery is improperly generated new environmental health issues.
The electric bicycle waste battery has the value of recycling, but if the treatment is not good, the environment constitutes potential hazards, causing new environmental health issues. At the Hans Press, "Environmental Protection Frontiers" journals, Ma Bububuri, a sub-secondary school, Nanjing University, launched a relevant investigation in the case of Nanjing.
Through the information collection and questionnaire survey, my country's electric bicycle battery life is generally low, and often replacement is often replaced, and the number of waste batteries is huge. The waste battery is less recycled, and the old-replaced "used battery is not very clear. In addition, the market chaos brought by battery brands. The private treatment of Nanjing used batteries is just to fill the battery electrolyte, which not only wasts energy, but also triggers new environmental health issues in land and groundwater. Most people have a problem of electric bicycle battery environmental pollution, and very few people fully understand. The pollution of waste batteries has not attracted enough attention.
Does electric vehicles have those harmful batteries? Nanjing electric car battery merchants currently use lead-acid batteries, low cost, cost-effective. However, the environmental health impact in the treatment of electric bicycle waste lead battery is highlighted.
Battery is damaged due to long-term exposure to corrosion, resulting in leakage of heavy metals and acids, bases, and electrochemical corrosion microdes, more concentrated pilescent battery packs, corrosion and pollutants, and accelerate electrolytes to penetrate into soil. Environment or groundwater.
Most of the waste lead-acid batteries in the market are recovered by individual industrial and commercial households. The recovered lead-acid battery is mainly flowing to illegal underground small smelter. The underground small workshop technology is backward, and lead-to-process processes will produce lead slags. It will penetrate into the soil, seriously pollute the soil, groundwater.
Recycling battery processing There is a battery "Cap" phenomenon. Small regeneration lead plants generally only acquire lead-containing panels, which leaders to individual recycles to directly reach the waste acid in the battery to soil, urban sewage pipeline, the average lead in the soil contaminated by this waste acid is 1 ~ 50c Within / kg, it is severely exceeding the bottom value of lead content in the soil. The soil has the damage, and the fertility declines, so that crops cannot grow normally.
Electric bicycle waste batteries contain heavy metal salts and acid-based materials such as hazardous waste, which have the characteristics of long cycle, large concealment, serious impact. The waste batteries contain electrolyte solutions such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and alkali, and have different degrees of harm to the human body and ecological environment.
What harmful substances are included in the waste battery? The waste batteries contain electrolyte solutions such as mercury, lead, cadmium, nickel, and alkali, and have different degrees of harm to the human body and ecological environment. These toxic substances enters the human body through various means, long-term accumulation is difficult to exclude, which will damage people's nervous system, hematopoietic function, and bones, interfering with renal function, reproductive function, and easily make people chronic poisoning, paralysis, and even cancer.
The control of the waste lead battery on environmental pollution mainly considers harmful substances such as lead (Pb), cadmium (CD) elements and electrolyte solutions. Lead-acid battery charge and discharge exceeded 100 gradually contaminated polar plates, resulting in the battery that the battery is not allowed to be scrapped, and the scrapped lead-acid battery generally contains 20% to 25% of the electrolyte, and the mass concentration of Pb is as high as 7 ~ 10g after retail clarification. / L. Lead and lead compound affect people's nerve, reproductive, cardiovascular, etc. Many companies add CDs in the production of lead battery production to extend battery life, while CD elements have a more serious harm to the environment, and the International Cancer Research Department classifies CDs as the first type of human caused carcinogens, making lead-acid batteries more pollution.
The acid, alkali electrolyte solution in the abandoned battery can affect the soil and water system pH, which changes the acid and alkaline, and the soluble weight metal in the electrolyte will bring severe metal contamination to the environment. Waste batteries threaten to natural environment. Exudated mercury and other heavy metal materials will also penetrate in the soil, pollute the water. In turn, enter fish, in crops, it will destroy human living environment.

While affirming the contribution of China's electric bicycle on the prevention and treatment of air pollution, it is not possible to attract environmental pollution and heavy metal pollution to the land and groundwater. I hope to strengthen people's attention to the attention and environmental health of waste battery pollution.

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