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About electric forklift long-term parking precautions

About electric forklift long-term parking precautionsSafe parking
(A) park the car on the horizontally, preferably in a wide local. If you have to park on the slope, you must pull the parking brake equipment, and block the wheel with a wedge to prevent accidental slipping. Fork forklifts are stopped on a large slope.
(B) The vehicle is parked in a designated area or does not hinder the local, if necessary, and sets a symbol or signal light around the vehicle.
(C) The vehicle is parked on a solid ground to prevent stopping on the pavement of soft, mud or contracted slippery.
(D) If the weight system is damaged, when the fork cannot fall to the ground, hang a flag flag on the end of the fork and stop the car in the local area that does not hinder traffic.
2, forklift storage
Four cars are fully cleaned, and viewed by the following procedures:
(A) In addition to the needs, cloth and water shovel dispensed with oils and greases on the body.
(B) When cleaning the body, check all the conditions of the vehicle, especially if there is no depression or damage to the body, the tire is not punctured, and the spot is not embedded with a nail or stone.
(C) with the specified fuel filled with fuel tank.
(D) Viewing is to leak oil.
(E) Adjusting grease according to requirements.
(F) Check the wheel nut, the joint surface of the cylinder piston rod is loose, and the outer table of the piston rod does not have trouble and pull.
(G) Viewing the door frame roller scrolling is stable.
(H) raises the raised cylinder to the top to make the oil charge oil cylinder.
(I) In winter or ice-cold, long-term antifreeze does not need to be released, if the cooling water needs to be exhausted. Usually store
(A) Stop the fork car at the designated local, and mats the wheel with a wedge.
(B) Place the shift handle in the idle direction, pull the parking brake handle.
(C) The key switch is in the "OFF" orientation to turn off the initiator, operate the multi-channel valve joystick several times, release the remaining pressure in the cylinder or line.
(D) Remove the key to the safe place.
Long-term storage
Based on "usual storage" maintenance, subserve the following maintenance and views:
(A) Considering the dry season, park the vehicle on a higher and hard ground.
(B) anti-rust protection against the exposed components such as the piston rod and perhaps rusty.
(C) Covering components that are easily tidal.
(d) The vehicle is at least once a week. If the cooling water is released, the cooling water is filled with cooling water, remove the piston rod and the shaft, start the launching machine and preheat, let the vehicle run slowly, operating hydraulic manipulation Second-rate.
(E) Summer prevents the forklift from being stopped on a soft pavement such as asphalt.
Long-term storage of the forklift
(A) Remove anti-rust oil from the exposed part.
(B) Exit the engine oil of the initiator curvature, discharge the differential, the gear oil or liquid transmission oil in the hydraulic transmission, and the interior is cleaned up and the new oil is added.
(C) Eliminate foreign matter and water in the hydraulic tank and fuel tank.
(D) Remove the launching machine cylinder head, valve, and rocker axis, seeing each valve gap is normal.
(E) increase the cooling solution to the regular liquid.
(F) Carefully view before starting.
(G) Preheating forklift.

Just find that the forklift needs repair, failure or unsafe feature should be found to state the situation to the manager, stop using the forklift until it rehabilits.

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