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8 problems about electric vehicle battery

8 problems about electric vehicle battery1. Check that the circuits have no aging or short-circuit parts, preventing battery from retiring because of over-discharging.

2. The battery is long long, it will slowly discharge it until it is scrapped. Therefore, a car should be started every other period of time to charge the battery. Another way is to pull the two electrodes on the battery, it should be noted that the positive and negative two electrode lines are unplugged from the electrode column. The negative electrode line is unplugged, or remove the negative electrode and the car chassis, then Pulling the other end with the positive log (10). The battery has a certain service life to replace it in a certain period of time. In the case of replacement, the above order is also followed, but when the electrode line is connected, the order is exactly the opposite, first pick the positive electrode, and then connect the negative electrode.

3. The density of the electrolyte should be adjusted according to the standard according to the standards in different regions.

4. The power storage capacity of the battery can be reflected on the dashboard. When the current table pointer does not display insufficient storage, it should be charged in time. Sometimes the amount of power is not enough during the road, the engine is turned off, and as temporary measures can be used to help other vehicles, the vehicle is used to start the vehicle, and the negative electrode and the negative electrode of the two batteries are connected. .

5. Check the positive and negative electrode without oxidation of the battery, and can use hot water to grow the electric wire connection of the battery.

6. When starting the car, the start of the starter is not intermittently caused by over-discharging. The correct way to use is that each time the launch has a total length of no more than 5 seconds, and the startup time is not less than 15 seconds. The cause should be found from the circuit, ignition coil or oil passage in other ways such as circuit, ignition coil or oil.

7. Distilled water or special replenishment should be supplerated when the electrolytic solution is liable, and drinking pure water instead, because the pure water contains a variety of trace elements, the battery can cause adverse effects.

8. Regular driving should often check whether the small holes on the battery cover are ventilated. If the battery cover small hole is blocked, the resulting hydrogen and oxygen roller cannot be out, and the electrolyte is expanded, the battery housing will be brought to the battery housing, affect the battery life.  Recommend: LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Energy storage battery Manufacturer Integrated machine energy storage battery series Manufacturer Lead lithium battery Manufacturer Outdoor Backup Battery Manufacturer Portable outdoor power supply Manufacturer Power battery Manufacturer Powerwall LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Battery rack Manufacturers Telecom LiFePO4 Battery Manufacturer Wall mounted battery storage Manufacturer China Lifepo4 Battery