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4G wave hits the lead battery market heating

4G wave hits the lead battery market heatingIn the current power market, there is a established fact that is placed in the eye, that is, the ion battery has become the focus of the industry concerned, but lead-acid batteries are used as a technological mature chemical power supply, with high security, low price, etc. Most traditional fields and part of the emerging applications have dominated.

In the past 5 years, the lead-acid battery industry has maintained more than 20% of the compound growth rate, and the production of domestic lead-acid batteries in 2013 has maintained a growth rate of more than 15%.

The main application of lead-acid batteries includes: car boot batteries, communication batteries, and electric bicycles. Analysts believe that the investment opportunities of lead-acid batteries in 2014 are mainly power batteries and communication batteries;

The power battery is maintained at a stable growth of 20%, and the price increase is expected;

The lead-acid battery in communication is benefited from 4G construction: In December 2013, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 4G (TD-LTE) license to the three operators, opened 4G investment feast, and it is expected to usher in the peak period of 4G construction in 2014 ~ 2015.

Modified lead-acid batteries are expected to become a darling in the energy storage market, and the energy storage market is expected to reach a level of 100 billion yuan.

Lead-acid batteries, mainly traditional applications including cars, communication batteries, electric bicycle power batteries, and the overall industry still maintain more than 20%, 4G construction in the next two years will have a large drive in the lead-acid battery industry in communication. The lead-acid power battery industry double oligarchy is determined that the profitability will gradually recover.
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