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2019, the market trend of the forklift rental

2019, the market trend of the forklift rentalFrom the forklift market, the status quo is both opportunities and challenges. There is no doubt that the biggest pain points in the forklift leasing industry is lacking funds. The lack of funds is all domestic issues. Now, with the capital into China forklift, development and integration.

On the one hand, the this forklift rent is linked. With financing, you can use to maximize the profits of leasing. However, today's financial restrictions are great, this is the biggest obstacle to the development of the forklift leasing company. For each of our separate forklift rental operators, how to get more funds to develop and expand companies' business is worth considering.

Shenzhen currently, the rental / leasing pattern of the forklift is more common, and there is a daily rent, short-term rent, long-term rent or purchase rent. In fact, it has been several years, but it is widely attached importance to the forklift industry, and gradually forms a scale, that is, in recent years. Not only, not only, managers and warehousing, maintenance, and maintenance of forklifts needed. It can also bring the forklift 24 hours a day in the peak season, and can agree on the lease in the off-season.

However, in terms of development trends, the forklift leasing company is generally dispersed. The industry has no leading enterprises, but market concentration is rapidly improved. With a large number of foreign second-hand cars, the long-term rent is far more than short-term rent, short-term, forklift rental pricing mechanism is relatively random, and the price has dropped below normal cost line, and the leasing company is usually in low profit state.

Operating leases have become higher and higher in investment funds, but they are not favored by banks, and loans are also difficult, but many companies who want to rent forklifts will choose forklift rentals in order to save costs.

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