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12V7AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules for generators

12V7AH deep circulation battery maintenance rules for generatorsMisunderstanding in China EPS market
EPS is a rear-standing UPS
From the definition of IEC, the backup UPS is normal, supplied from the city to the market, and when the electricity fails, the battery pack provides energy, and power is powered by the inverter. The EPS is functionally conform to the above-described backup UPS definitions. However, saying that EPS is a backup UPS, this statement is not scientific, and it is interested in unintentional importance of EPS. Let me know that the commonly used backup UPS is a small power range, which is mostly a PC. Due to the non-focus of protection, the market demand is large, the technical content is low, the price is fierce, and there are many counterfeit goods. IT industry outside.
EPS is the emergency power supply and the focus is in emergency. It is really "raising thousands of days, the use of soldiers", in order to real emergency, it is important to have a high expected value for the reliability of EPS.

As of 2020, Dongguan's electric vehicle guarantee will reach 40,000 vehicles. The new charging station in the city will exceed 300, and about 53,000 new charging piles. By the end of last year, 5,000 new energy vehicles were promoted. At the end of 2016, Dongguan City promoted about 5,000 applications of new energy electric vehicles, including 1621 electric buses (including 835 pure electric bus, plug-in hybrid buses 786 A taxi, a taxi, 8 electric public security patrol cars, 1462 enterprises, and approximately 1733 passengers. As of June 30, the city has built 86 centralized charging facilities and more than 1,200 charging piles, seven in the construction of the electricity station, with approximately 2,600 new energy bus charging services.

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