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12V24AH ternary lithium battery production process with a mower

12V24AH ternary lithium battery production process with a mowerThe domestic MODEL 3 base price is reduced from 355,800 yuan to 323,800 yuan, and the pricing price is 299,0500 yuan after subsidies, and the strong breaks into the 300,000 yuan market.

This makes the industry, and even someone exclaimed "Tesla's slaughter begins."

For Tesla Shanghai Super Plant officially put "Combat Form", some car experts said to Netease Technology, which means that the "squid effect" triggered by Tesra will accelerate the industry to reshuffle.

In fact, * early contact begins in 2017, Tesla and Chinese government began to discuss the construction of the factory and insisted on

Then, Tesla also reached an agreement with the Shanghai Municipal Government's use of a land. Sira Jian Factory is used for overdue.

The Chinese government's feedback is very fast, June 2018, the 2018 Edition of the National Edition, a negative list of negative lists clearly stipulate that new energy vehicles can be solemn. Tesla is built to hurry to whip.

On January 7, 2019, Tesla Shanghai Super Factory was founded;

On August 19th, the first acceptance license was received;

On September 19, the acceptance passed;

On October 23, production qualifications and started production of Model 3;

On December 30th, China Made Model 3 delivered employees

Only 357 days from the foundation to delivery, Mask led Tesla on this land on the land, which is completely different from the path of traditional car, as if the market storm is coming.

Nanjing Xiahua Electronics Co., Ltd. Production: Battery, lead-acid battery, colloidal battery, solar storage battery, tube battery, dry battery, lithium battery, nickel-hydrogen battery, cadmium battery.
From Tesla disclosed data, this plant has produced nearly 1,000 commercially available vehicles, and also achieves more than 3,000 production speeds per week.

Shanghai and Tesla need each other

Tesla was not controversial from the beginning of its establishment. Everyone called Mask made a big toy, I haven't been there.

In 2018, even once the bankrupt, Mask was still completely complete, completely bankrupt. You may be difficult to believe, but it is really bankrupt. "

An auto industry commented that Tesla was established in 2017 to 14 years in 2017, 2018 is Tesla Leveling Climbing Year, 2019 ushered in explosion year, this year The sales of 112,000 vehicles were sold in the fourth quarter, and the sales volume was nearly 50 times in 7 years.

However, it does not mean Tesla stability, first, this is a bitter thing that burn money. Secondly, since 2018, the global car sales ended up for 7 consecutive years, known as the 2008 financial crisis. The global car sales fell for the first two consecutive years. Moreover, Masque is a challenge to challenge the banner of the 100-year automotive industry, and it will suffer a contempt.

Choosing China as a new power point, Mask hopes to continue to grow, data shows that as of the third quarter of 2019, Tesla's sales in China have reached 669 million US dollars, which is second only to the US native overseas market.

And here you can provide unprecedented policy environment, market potential and better cost control.

OPZV, OPZS battery manufacturer: Wuxi Huizhong Weiye Electric Co., Ltd., the production of the tube-type battery uses the US import partition, the German import colloid, good quality, excellent price.
For Shanghai, the Tsela super plant planned from 200,000 pure electric vehicles officially settled in Shanghai, China, which is a foreign manufacturing project in Shanghai.

Moreover, Shanghai is not only for Tesla, and the relevant responsible official said that Tesla will effectively promote the development of Shanghai high-end manufacturing, and accelerate the construction of the world-class auto industry center, providing strong support for Shanghai to excellent global cities to achieve cooperation. win.

Note It is world-class, here, the general car in Jinqiao, the world's second power battery factory, located in Anting's Volkswagen Electric Automotive Factory and the Higang Tesla super factory, forming Shanghai's future electric vehicle industry layout. Of course, China's powerful supply chain network will benefit, and may even drive a large number of supplier giants.

Wuxi Huizhong is a company specializing in the production of OPZS tube-type batteries. The OPZS model is complete, the price is low, the quality is good, the after-sales service is timely, and the delivery is timely.
It is worth mentioning that the Prime Minister also clarified when I met Mask, Tesla is not only responsible for the production of electric vehicles to meet consumer needs, but they are really rooted in Hua, and become new era China. Open new benchmark.

It can be said that this plant's significance of China's electric vehicle industry may be like a fuel-saving era, 1984 Shanghai Volkswagen Santana's production line in China.

China's car market is coming!

In the global market, Tesla has produced 104,891 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter of 2019, delivering 112,000, and completed 50% growth.

The representative of the Chinese team is an esask car. The fourth quarter of 2019 is 8,224, although it has achieved a good result of 71.4% from the previous month, but the gap between the foreign challenge is not necessarily not. "They will be directly threatened" a car expert said.

This is also the reason why Li Bin did not announce the price of new models, and he said: Please allow us to keep some market flexibility.

Li Bin also told reporters in the near future, after the judgment of comparative competitive advantage, it would not have a special cheap car, only to choose the mainstream high-end road, and will be able to live, Tesla's market. No Chinese brand is long, this is wrong!

Everything indicates a positive hard battle, and as Tesla is constantly rushing, Xiaopeng, Weima Auto, etc. China's new forces, the same face, is also facing severe tests.

At the same time, the data trend from CleanTechnica is obvious, not just electric vehicles, but Tesla has already entered the hinterland of traditional fuel cars. In the third quarter of 2019, Tesra Model 3 accounted for 27% of the sales of all small and medium-sized luxury cars in the United States.

It is unexpected that Model 3's sales of Q3 in the US is equivalent to 168.7% of BMW 2 Series + 3 Series + 4 Series.

Masque is the mission of Tesra: Accelerating the transformation of the world to sustainable energy, so Mask's ambition is not an electric car from the beginning to end, but the sword refers to the entire energy application direction.

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A senior car practitioner talked that Tesla stock price Creative new high, the market value of 80 billion US dollars, the third global car company ranked third, Tesla led the global electric car to play a beautiful battle.

However, there is no doubt that the changes in the industry are all good things. In addition to the inevitability of subsidies, consumers have more choices, one intended to buy the owner of the Wei to ES6, will Let's take a look at Tesla's domestic models.

There is also a friend who is still in Beijing, said to the reporter that the new energy market has changed the earth-shaking change, before I feel that the new energy cars have not been bought, the life is different, and the abortion is still out of time, and the self-burning accident is still in time. Now it is getting more mature. The selection space is also bigger, although it is far, but still chooses to queue new energy.

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