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"Botility" is critical to the transformation of photovoltaic industries

“God closed a door to you, will open a window for you.”. This sentence describes the current photovoltaic market, and it is not yet. In the photovoltaic industry, the energy storage is a crucial breakthrough point.

When photovoltaic development is developing in China, we know that the existence and development of photovoltaic has been recognized and accepted by people. Even if the family has appeared in photovoltaic figure, people who have installed photovoltaic have reversed every month. It is necessary to pay the electricity fee to the national power company. I can use it myself, I can also do a legal selling electricity.“Small businessman”Life has slowly moved to a good, but how can I go out when I am in the energy storage?

Recently, the research results show that no matter from the national policy environment, or domestic and foreign energy storage project growth trends, commercial operations have been clearly clear, and the energy storage market releases positive signals. The industry is generally believed that in 2018 or will become the starting point of the outbreak of the energy storage commercialization.

First, Jiangsu Province encourages the development of energy storage

If "5.31" photovoltaic new politics, in some extent, like a boring foot on a wild, prepare a lot of photovoltaic people, let a part of the photovoltaic practitioners have born, then the Jiangsu Provincial Development and Reform Commission recently released "Guidance for promoting the development of distributed energy microglinal network" is more like a bright light, let suddenly fall into a confused photovoltaic person, discover the direction of the way, lightly, and explore the new road of photovoltaic applications. The size of the energy storage project in Jiangsu Province does not consume our excess capacity compared to our photovoltaic production capacity. However, the development path of the energy storage must be taken, and it is also the direction of the development of photovoltaic applications.

Second, the energy storage = self-salvation in the photovoltaic industry?

The pain of "5.31" brings to the photovoltaic person is that it is not possible to rely on subsidies, and the subsidy must be lost, and the energy is developed; while the energy storage is happening to the opportunity of photovoltaic independence.

The domestic photovoltaic industry is now facing the national subsidy gap, and the subsidy is delayed, and the product capacity of photovoltaic

Influenced, the production of PV products produced nowhere, the energy storage may be a good medicine that cures the current symptom. Although this straw, it seems to have a high price, one-time investment, and the complex system of the whole system, but it is a viable development direction of the photovoltaic industry.

Since it solves the unstable power of photovoltaic, wind energy, it is difficult to store any drawbacks. At the same time, it has applications with peaks, auxiliary new energy grid, grid, and more. Developing energy storage, throwing away subsidies, relying on their own business model profit, promoting the healthy development of the industry, which is probably the avenue of photovoltaic development.

Third, photovoltaic + energy storage or become a rescue straw

Inconducting the energy, people often associate with the battery, and do not know how the photovoltaic + energy storage model is under the influence of 5.31. The perfect combination of the two can obtain further advantages, especially in the resilience of the resort, only fully considering the specific situation, and builds the business model to continue to make profits.

As the photovoltaic machine is increasing in energy supply, the photovoltaic power generation is eaten by the day, the disadvantage of the output power is unstable, and the photovoltaic + energy storage is realized, the peak is filled, matches the electric energy load on the power-on side and the electricity side. It greatly reduces the impact of photovoltaic power generation on the grid, which will make great contribution to the future establishment of reliable, elasticity and economical low-carbon power grids.

From the application, the income of photovoltaic + energy storage is also very intuitive. It can maximize photovoltaic power generation, such as a set of 5KW energy storage household photovoltaic, through peaks, use mode Switching, the direct benefits of the owners will increase more than 15% compared to conventional grid-connected photovoltaic systems.

Fourth, multi-provincial and district expands the air inlet market

At present, the energy storage industry is almost all over all provinces in the country, of which the new investment is the largest is Jiangsu, Tibet, Shanxi, Gansu, Qinghai, Beijing, Guangdong, Shanghai and other provinces. Its energy storage market is very active and features .

According to the incomplete statistics of Cnesa, as of the end of 2017, China has shipped the storage project accumulated installed installed scale, which increased by 19% year-on-year. Electrochemical storage capacity accumulated installed installed is 389.8MW, an increase of 45% year-on-year, accounting for 1.3% of the total installed scale, an increase of 0.2% from the previous year. The electrochemical energy storage project planned only in the first quarter of 2018 is close to 120MW.

V. Foreign energy storage is also rapidly developing

For example, California has passed the ratio of solar customers in California in the past three quarters. According to GTMRESEARCH prediction, the deployment of American home energy storage markets this year may be doubled last year.

The rapid development of distributed energy has appeared in California“California duck”Phenomenon, through the addition of the energy storage system, the problem of peak-filled, reducing the power grid is difficult.

Six, the energy storage is huge

These two days, Xiaobian sent a family energy storage project in Zhengzhou, Henan, and more than a dozen friends of the private trust, and more than a dozen friends understand the project situation and development prospects. They have a great interest in the development of energy storage, and under this wind, I can see who can hold new opportunities.

Europe and Australia have high-cost domestic costs, and the energy storage products have begun to enter thousands of households. Such a situation is like a photovoltaic, long-term layout energy storage application product.

Electric vehicles and new energy cars, so that the energy is around us, but it is necessary to apply every household, there is a certain distance. The blank shows that the market is still vacant, the future development space is huge, this time will not be too long, this two years, the energy management we think will become a reality.

Just when we are in the easy resentful people in the photovoltaic industry, some people have already set up the fast train, policy and opportunities, and come to develop energy storage applications.

Today, energy storage technology is now the direction they work together, and the subsidies of the storage battery have been introduced, and it is because of the emergence of energy storage subsidies, experts predict the outbreak of energy storage or in 2019, whether the energy storage will be In 2019, it is certain that the energy storage must be the future development direction, and when the energy utilization of photovoltaic energy is maximized, the cleaning energy is big!

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