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Correct charging of lithium-ion batteries

1. In order to prolong the life of lithium-ion batteries, lithium ion batteries should be charged and discharged regularly. To develop the habit of riding electric vehicles after 80% of the power use must be charged, can not wait for electricity to run out before charging. In addition, lithium-ion batteries should not be stored for a long time. 2. When charging the EV rechargeable battery, the electric door lock must be closed, and the battery cannot be turned upside down. Charging should be filled at a time, should not be divided into multiple charging. 3, electrical appliances should not be stored in the state of loss of power, so the battery in storage when not in use, need to give the battery a full charge every month. 4. Lithium-ion batteries need to use matching chargers when charging. Because the battery raw materials are different from the production process of lithium ion batteries, the technical requirements for chargers are also different. 5. When the lithium ion battery is out of power, the power should be turned off for riding, and the recovery voltage can not be used to drive, so as to prevent serious power loss, so as to prolong the battery service life. 6. When charging the lithium-ion battery of electric vehicles, float it for 1 ~ 2 hours when the charging indicator shows full charge. It is not advisable to stop charging immediately.